Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week 3 - Provo MTC (Is this what eternity feels like?)

Hello everyone! I am still at the MTC. It is just the same thing every day pretty much. It’s just super boring. It has been good so far. My companions are all super cool. One of them got hit in the eye with a ball and almost went blind. i am getting x-rays tomorrow and I will know when I can leave by tomorrow most likely. Last week one of the guys was having a really hard time. Me and one other elder were with him, and he told us that it felt like there was a demon on his back. I told him that he could cast it out. He tried a couple of times, but nothing happened. The other elder said "Davis let’s give him a blessing." So we did. When we started the room got visibly darker and felt like there were more people in the room than just us three. when he got to a certain part of the blessing the room lit up and it felt like whatever was there was now gone. He felt a lot better and it was a crazy experience. I’ll leave you with that. Good luck in the real world.

Elder Davis

(He also said that he is feeling really well and he is not coughing anymore. The buy in the hat is his new companion. The one tall guy is 7 foot tall and his companion is 6’7”. The red headed guy and the other guy are headed to Vegas along with all of the sister in the picture that he sent.)

This is what class looks like...

My district at the Provo Temple.
PDay - We get to email home! One of his new companions

The tall and the short of it. :) Holy 7 feet!

My companions...

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