Monday, December 28, 2015

Last Pday of 2015

Hello everyone!

This was a good week. Just more sketchy taxis and crazy Jamaicans. haha. Christmas was good. Wendy one of our investigators is sooo elect. You cant even believe! He already knows the Book of Mormon is true, and said he is putting his life on hold for God. He is awesome. I got to skype home this week which was really fun. Seeing some old faces was a relief to the stress of mission life. Usually i make a big thing of rice and peas and just eat that throughout the week. My bike runs a lot better now that I got a new frame. My rims are pretty old, so I am probably going to get some new rims next. Over all a good week.

I love you all

Elder Davis

All of the Jamaicans have motorcycles. So i am inspired to get one when i get back.

Church was good. Wendy (our investigator) came an hour early he was reading the Book of Mormon when we showed up.

For Pday we are probably going over to Elder Fowkes' house to play Monoploly.

They ride like weird little like Japanese bikes, but there are a couple that ride dirt bikes. That is what i want, a dirt bike.

Christmas Star Wars Advent Calendar - From Aunt Sue 
Our street - The candles are because the guy was murdered here. 

Chapel in Negril, Jamaica

View from the chapel in Negril, Jamaica

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015 - Negril, Jamaica

Brodey's  Christmas Phone call:
-Demetri wants to get baptized in a river because it will wash his sins away the ocean will just keep bringing them back. He was drunk when he said that 
-Orlando has to pay $5 to get to church. Brodey helped pay for his sister to come to his confirmation.
-Orlando's dad used the other money to get his kids to school 
-his wife died and he is still trying to pay off the loan he got for her funeral
-most people are very poor
-Brodey knew Orlando in Heaven.
-They have fun and definitely knew each other before this life. 
-hadn't had a baptism in his area for a year until Brodey got there
-2 more baptisms scheduled for Jan 16th
-there was a lady stabbing another woman on the bus, the bus driver stopped the bus while holding a beer in one hand and stopped the lady from stabbing the other one. Then he made her sit in the back by the missionaries. she sharpened her knife the whole way home
-take taxis a lot
-got a new frame for his bike today
-hymns sound different , they add notes and sounds in different places
-talked to us in Patwa-he sounds awesome, cool accent 
- Girls ask him everyday if he will marry them. He just smiles and says "no thank you"
-lives in the nice part of Negril
-can see the ocean and the boats from his balcony
-called George, his investigator, George. of the jungle because he reaches his hand in the open fire to turn the breadfruit
-Rastas play dominos on the street. They stop and play with them. He said they get really serious about dominos.
-played uno with the members, they loved it! We sent it to him for Christmas.
-loved the book of pictures of everyone holding the Merry Christmas sign. He has been showing everyone.
-wasn't homesick until someone mentioned Star Wars came out
-Canadians love jamaica and Jamaicans love Canada
-Lots of homeless people. One guy has huge feet! So thick, they call him big foot
-gonga is what they call "weed"
-they were caroling on the beach and a weed dealer said you are spreading the word of God and I am spreading the gonga
-sorrel is a Christmas drink basically strawberry ginger beer. They boil flowers to make it.
-they love ginger they have huge things of it and cook with it
-Jamaican ginger beer is really spicy, it burns your throat when you drink it 
-Orlando's 14 yr old sister wants to be baptized also
-teaching a guy named Wendy. He read two chapters of the Book of Mormon and wants to be baptized on Jan 16
-shoes are doing good
-washes his pants after wearing them 2 days and shirts everyday. He has a few stains so might need more clothes.
-cold showers were the worst... He would just run through them back and forth to get wet. Most places don't have hot water 
-he has a box under his bed of all of his extra treats that won't melt
-it is 90 degrees there night and day right now
-wakes up every morning with mosquito bites
-best part of his mission is meeting new people and seeing things he would never see before
-take turns teaching priesthood and Sunday school at church each week
-about 20 people including the missionaries come to church each week
-clothes are holding up good
-he is happy most days 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas was great!

Christmas was great. thanks for all the packages. I got more than everyone haha. This week was a little slow. Pretty much everyone canceled. We started teaching this guy named Wendy. He is awesome. He came to church and loved it. There was a visitor there that gave him a book of Mormon. we went to see him later in the week. When we got there he had read 2 chapters in the book of Mormon. He told us that he already knows it is true. We also put him on date to be baptized on the 16th of January. I am doing pretty good. I am still in the same area and with the same companion. Church was good there were a whole bunch of Canadians at our church this week. haha

Elder Davis

We hang out with elder Fowkes on Mondays. We go and play soda pong haha. He is really nice. My favorite Christmas gift was probably the camera and the picture book. Dad has a full blown beard

How was star wars? I didn't even know it came out until some white guy came up to us and asked if we are going to make it to the premier.

The camera works. ya i got a whole bunch of pictures

Friday we are going to the next town over (Savlamar) they have better internet at the church there. It will probably be in the evening.

Ya we can skype. I did get the stick and cheese. i got 6 packages. One from the Wrights and the rest from I cant remember who.

The ocean and all the jungle are the best part of Negril

I'm excited to skype. I have some crazy stories to tell. I have to go now, I love you

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I got the most presents!

Christmas Party Dinner

Zone Christmas Party (Elder Fowkes)

Elder Gibson... He's from Utah

My Zone in Montego Bay

Monday, December 14, 2015

First Baptism - Orlando

I am going to start with pictures today...
Birthday Dinner!

Floured for my birthday - Elder Fowkes and his companion

Happy 19th Birthday Flouring

Orlando got baptized!

Orlando and Elder Aguirre

I gave Orlando the priesthood on Sunday. These are all of the men in our branch.

Hanging out! - Pong

First Baptism!  - Orlando

This week was better. I am still super exhausted, but I gave orlando the priesthood on Sunday. We have found some new people to talk to and teach. Elder Aguirre is staying in Negril. The baptism was way cool. and those men are all the priesthood in the branch. This week we have a short email time. I got floured for my birthday. Over all it was a pretty good week.
Elder Davis

Our zone Christmas party is on the 21st. I got your package with the Chewbacca shirt, and the star wars pajama pants package.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 12 - It has been a slow week

This week was kind of slow. The baptism got canceled. There was a marathon on the road between where he lives and where we were going to do the baptism. It felt like our whole week fell through. We did a lot of finding. The few lessons we did have were really good. We have found and taught 4 new investigators and they seem really interested. Theo (one of the people we taught) is really interested in the Book of Mormon. We are going to give him one next time we visit him. He is so cool. Last night i roasted my first breadfruit and then fried it. It was so good. I need more breadfruit. haha. I have eaten at burger king. and we live pretty close to Ricks Cafe. Pres brown banned it. I think there are a lot of drugs there, but I'm not sure. George and Demetry are scheduled to be baptized on December 19th. and I decorated the apartment. and am doing the Lego calendar. I love you all!

Thanks for all the emails and support..

Elder Davis

No mail yet. we have zone meeting on wednesday, so i might get some then.

I think we lost George's little kitten. We went to see him one day, but he wasn't there. When we left the cat followed us.

They flour every one for their birthday, so that will be interesting.

For Christmas, I think they just drink a lot and party. Like all month long. Their favorite christmas drink is called Soral.

They are called honey banas because they are so sweet.  (love the shirt)

Roasting Bread Fruit Step 1

Roasting Bread Fruit Step 2

Peeling the Bread Fruit
Roasted and Fried Bread Fruit is sooo good!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 11 - Bike Problems

It has been a good week. Apart from bike problems. Orlando came to church and is going to be baptized on Saturday. He is super excited and so are we. He is 18, so he could be a missionary soon. Which would be awesome. His little brother and little sister both want to be baptized. So we are going to help them as much as possible. We were teaching his dad, but his dad said that he was going back to his first church. but we are hoping that Orlando's baptism will help him. George is another guy that we have on date for next week. He came to church also. We are working with him and teaching him how to read. But he has prayed to ask if the book of Mormon is true, and he said that he got an answer that it was. He is so awesome. There is also Demetry that is going to be baptized a little while after George. They were all at church and had a really good time. I also had my first jerk pork this week and roasted breadfruit. It was sooooo good. Over all, a good week.

Elder Davis

No mail this week. My bike is stupid. we got it fixed and then last night the pedal fell off. I don't think the guy did a very good job.

Guess what i had for thanksgiving dinner?

I had turkey neck for thanksgiving. One of the members made it. Ya it is its pretty weird. It was alright. It just a lot of bone and not a lot of meat.

Every Thursday we eat at Sis Apoku's house. I might start using the home card for a couple of new parts

Orlando was at church. He is getting baptized on Saturday!

Transfers are December 16th. My comp has been in negril for a long time so he will be leaving. I get a new companion for Christmas. He will be considered my mom, and my trainer is my dad. haha weird huh

Right now we ran into one of the members that knows how to fix bikes. he took my bike and i have his today!!

Turkey neck for Thanksgiving

This sign was at the place were i got my bike fixed.

Negril Cemetery

Negril Cemetery

Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 10 - "If you ask God, he will just tell you."

This week was an interesting week. I went on two trade offs. The first one was with Elder Fowkes and the other was with Elder Bischoff. Both went really well. It was good seeing different ways to teach. They were both great. I got along with both of them. We have been working with Demetry and are trying to get him off of his addiction to alcohol. He really wants to be baptized. He is so close. His drinking is just holding him back. We are also working with a guy named Orlando. He was on date for the 28, but he missed church. He will probably be baptized next week. He is super excited to be baptized and so am I. George is also someone that we are working with to be baptized. The thing with him is that he can't read but we are going to start a reading class for him and some others. But he does know that the book of Mormon is true, even without reading it. He said " if you ask god he will just tell you". Haha, he is great we need more people like George! Over all a good week. We do have machines for laundry, just no dryer. Our church is in an upstairs apartment building, but there are still three classes. 

I love you all.
Have fun in america,
Elder Davis

Do you get enough mail? I get the most mail out of like anyone. Haha it is awesome!

What are you doing for Thanksgiving? I'm not sure i think we will buy a chicken and cook it in the crock pot.

Elder Davis and President Brown
Elder Davis and Elder Fowkes
Our Chapel in Negril, Jamaica 
 Patty and Cocoa Bread
First Jamaican Fish, King Fish.  It tasted like chicken
Patty and Cocoa Bread...soooo good!

Monday, November 16, 2015

9 Weeks - Addictions are tough!

HELLO everyone!

It is P-DAY once again. It has rained every day this week. The new apartment is great! The warm showers are amazing. Negril is so different than anything that i had expected. The branch is super nice. We have 4 investigators on date to get baptized. The closest one is an 18 year old kid, and he is getting baptized on the 29. He really wants to be baptized. Demetry is struggling (one of our other investigators that is on date for baptism). Keep him in your prayers. He is the one with the bad drinking problem. Other than that, it has been a pretty good week. I love you all.

See ya!

Elder Brodey Davis

We were able to ask Brodey a few more questions, and he also said:

(Why is Negril weird?) There are never any planes flying over head, rabid dogs everywhere that try to bite your feet when you are riding bikes. I've kicked like three in the face. and just the way people live. They are terrified by frogs and snails. They absolutely hate them. It is weird. Everyone asks for our bikes.Thinking that we are just going to give them a bike

(Did you get letters?) I got some letters on Wednesday. I got one from grandma and one from you, and the Grundvig's nativity set yesterday.

(Is it hard to help investigators with addictions?) ya it is hard i took away the rum he had in his hand yesterday. I don't know why he drinks. He is divorced, and his wife has the kids an America. So that could have something to do with it.

(Do you have food?) I have food. We are going on some comp exchanges next week so that will be interesting, but i am excited.

(Do you need anything?) I don't think i need anything. American snacks are expensive down here. Snacks would be nice. haha

(Are you sleeping?) Ya I pass out as soon as I lay down. I am thoroughly exhausted!

My district in Negril

My bed in the new apartment.
Wooden head - I bought for dad.

Monday, November 9, 2015

I've been out for two months - Moving Day!

Hello everyone
I am moving to my new apartment today. We are just waiting for the elders with the truck to come. This week has been pretty good. Last pday i ate rice and peas. Its like Jamaica's favorite food. It is really rice and beans with fried chicken. It was really good. We did a service project also. We helped out a school and laid some turf out. I also bought a machete. hehe. I used it at the service project. Nothing else too interesting. I picked a wild banana, waited for it to turn yellow, and i ate it. Jamaican bananas are soooo goood. That is about how my week went. I also finished reading the Book of Mosiah in the book of Mormon. That is a little taste of what I do. Pretty dang exciting, huh!

I got the cooking package and the Halloween one and the other one. Our investigator is doing really good he has almost stopped drinking completely, and he came to church this 

This is basically our branch. There are a couple of people on the left side that aren't in our branch. The guy in the middle is the ward mission leader. He is hilarious. The guy in the striped tank top is the one we are helping to stop smoking.  Service project laying sod at the school :)

Fighting Rooster

My machete...

Missionary Stuff

Rice and Beans

Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 7 - First transfers/ New Apartment

Hello every one,
Things are going really good. this sunday we got 2 of our investigators to come to church. one of them bore an awesome testimony. it was awesome. I haven't eaten anything to interesting, just a jelly (young coconut). Nothing really happened with transfers we are staying the same,  but we move into the new house sometime next week. zone meeting was good I didn't see anyone from the mtc. The guy that bore his testimony is another guy that said he would get baptized and agreed to work towards the date of november 29. He has a drinking problem but really wants to quit.
 i love you all

things are pretty good. no bottles this week haha. we met another guy that is an alcoholic and wants to quit. he came to church this sunday and bore his testimony. it was awesome. you need to send me a shirt like the one you had for halloween

We will baptize them in the ocean. 

We will most likely be here just one more transfer then he will probaly leave. and then i will lead the area. The new apartment is really nice. We just bring our beds from the old apartment and the appliances are coming from somewhere in kingston. 

Ya, its hard the first two weeks and in the MTC so  I emailed Gage.

ya the other elders are nice. We are going to play basketball today with them.

I would rather have the packages than money because i need a taste of america.

I eat rice when i eat at home. pattys sometimes and chicken. on thursdays we eat at a members house. one gave us fried chicken. and it just depends usually rice or noodles.

haha ya. I think i have lost quite a bit of weight i was like 150 when i came out, but there is no scale here to weigh myself. My second companion in the mtc was from Edmonton canada and knew elder bateman and he knew Duke.

I have to go now. My bike is ok. I just need new brakes. i love you tell everyone i said hi

Sitting at the library... Emailing home :)
With Elder Aguirre

Elder Fowkes and his companion emailing home :)

We caught a lizard on our front porch. 

I found this in a pocket in my

idk if the video will work but it should be a video of a crab that we caught.
 I am trying to get it to work and I will post it later 

Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 6 - Still in Jamaica

Hello everyone!
I am still in Jamaica. Trying to understand Patwa (THE ASCENT / LANGUAGE EVERYONE SPEAKS) I will probably be in Negril for awhile. I am doing better and getting used to the culture. We are looking at one apartment that i think we will get it is pretty nice and has hot water! and a really nice view. We get our transfer calls this upcoming Saturday. I think my companion will get transferred, but u never know. I got sue's package with the Lego star wars thing in it. I am super excited to set it up. I wish could have gone hunting that deer looks tasty. haha. Thank you for all the emails. They are so great to read! I love you all.

Have fun in the states.
Elder Davis

P.S. Someone chained the dog up to our porch. We don't know whose it is. We rode in the back of a track to help a guy move. The last one is something they do when someone dies. They line the road with candles they do it from were they died to his house its kind of weird.

The double rainbow was yesterday. We named the dog elder.

We named the dog Elder.
Riding in the back of a truck
The tradition when people die.
Double Rainbow!
Beautiful here
Negril, Jamaica