Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 6 - Still in Jamaica

Hello everyone!
I am still in Jamaica. Trying to understand Patwa (THE ASCENT / LANGUAGE EVERYONE SPEAKS) I will probably be in Negril for awhile. I am doing better and getting used to the culture. We are looking at one apartment that i think we will get it is pretty nice and has hot water! and a really nice view. We get our transfer calls this upcoming Saturday. I think my companion will get transferred, but u never know. I got sue's package with the Lego star wars thing in it. I am super excited to set it up. I wish could have gone hunting that deer looks tasty. haha. Thank you for all the emails. They are so great to read! I love you all.

Have fun in the states.
Elder Davis

P.S. Someone chained the dog up to our porch. We don't know whose it is. We rode in the back of a track to help a guy move. The last one is something they do when someone dies. They line the road with candles they do it from were they died to his house its kind of weird.

The double rainbow was yesterday. We named the dog elder.

We named the dog Elder.
Riding in the back of a truck
The tradition when people die.
Double Rainbow!
Beautiful here
Negril, Jamaica


  1. Before he left, we made a deal that he had to send pictures every week. :)