Monday, January 30, 2017

One Liners from Jamaicans - Linstead, Jamaica

This week was awesome! Akeem got baptized, and we should have another in 2 weeks. Things in Linstead are great. We also played football (soccer) today. That was fun! here are some one liners from jamaicans:
 " ya mon"
 "bless up" 
" me soon come"
" wagwon" 
"wa ya daypon" 
" yo white boyi" 
haha That is a few of them. I might get a new comp next transfer(Saturday). The baptism was good. Except after Akeem got dunked, there was a mad man( crazy man) that started clapping and being loud, but then he left. So, that was exciting. haha
Love you all, 
Elder Davis

I got the package. It was awesome. I made the potatoes yesterday. The customs poked a hole in all of the things, except the shoes. They are little too big.

The markers and the mints were ok. There is a hole in Austin's paper. It is like they poked the package with a screwdriver or something.

We are going to make pizza this week.

Akeem's Baptism

Football (soccer) with the Zone! 

Puppies back in Spain Town

My new shoes

Monday, January 23, 2017

Machetes and Plucking - Linstead, Jamaica

 Hello everyone!
This week was another good week. Linstead is nice. Last week a kid named Akeem asked us to baptize him. He should get baptized this next Sunday. Jay came to church, we are just waiting for his dad to approve his baptism. Over all, it was an awesome week. We found a baby coconut tree, so we planted it in our yard. I named it Jeffrey. haha. We usually either chop yards with machetes or kill and pluck chickens for service hours. We learned how to make jerk chicken last week, so I can make it back home.
5 things I miss from America:
1 rootbeer
2 movies and tv
3 carpet
4 ac
5 clean dogs.
They have pretty much the same groceries here just different brands. I got a new camera. I'm happy I'm good. Elder poe got a card game named magic, so we might play that today.
I love you all,
Elder Davis

Elder Davis and Jeffrey

Wild Peacocks

There are goats everywhere

New Scripture case

New Scripture Case

Monday, January 16, 2017

Strangest Things About Jamaica - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello everyone, It's me! 
This week was pretty good. We had an area broadcast. We had some general authorities that spoke to us over satellite. Shawn didn't make it to church, neither did Dalia. But Jay, an investigator that is 16, just needs his dads permission to be baptized. He is on date for February. His dad said he is waiting for his grades. He gets them this month, so hopefully they are good. 
At church a kid got baptized, he was scared of the water. So, it took like 12 years to get him dunked. After the baptism there was a kid that came up to us. He is 9. We thought he was a member, but he asked if he could get baptized. We are going to work with him and get it done in 2 weeks.
There is another lady that came to church, and she also wants to get baptized. S
he also could get there in a couple of weeks. 
The strangest things about Jamaica... 
1 people 
2 food 
3 public transportation 
4 stores 
5 language 
6 roads 
7 the island is small 
8 police 
9 10 and 1 people. 
The kids wear uniforms. Nothing on the island is official like there isn't paper work. You can just build a house where ever. its disorganized. I like how it is relaxed... to a point. Not really, I guess I got use to it.
Love you all,
Elder Davis

Me and ISIS
This elder loves animals :)

Fried chicken we made

Monday, January 9, 2017

Don't Let Satan Win - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello everyone! It's me again. 
This week was awesome. We saw Dalia and asked here to be baptized. She said that she was baptized already in a different church, but needs to be baptized into the true church. Then she gave us Akee and bread fruit. She is awesome. Then we also saw shawn he had a bottle of beer. We read to him out of the Book of Mormon. Then told him that God didn't want him to drink. He was debating it in his head then asked. If i drink it who wins? We said satan does. Then he said, who loses? We told him that he would. Then he bit the cap off the bottle and dumped it out. It was awesome! 
On an average day we wake up at 6:30 then get dressed. We study from 8 to 10am. Then we go out and talk to people. If we have lessons, we will go and teach the people. If not, we go around and invite people to be baptized. Then we will have an hour for lunch, then the same after lunch. Usually we eat at home. Sometimes we will get some sort of chicken. usually fried. We made fried chicken the other day it was so good. We go to bed at 10 30. We have to be in at 9. 
That was my week.
I love you everyone,
Elder Davis

- Elly sent the picture of the ties. The orange one is super cool, and the grey one with the flowers. The blue and red paisley is awesome. Send me those. 

- Here is one picture. I should be able to get a camera this week.
It is beautiful here.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I Have Seen Miracles - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello people,
This week was good. Slow on the missionary work, because everyone is partying. But so it goes. We got invited to a membe'rs house for dinner, and it was a crazy party. So, we got our food and ran. haha Jamaica is crazy. We also met a guy that said he was the origional hellboy. IDK probably a mad man. We did see this lady the other day her name is Dailia. She loves the Book of Mormon. She wants to come closer to Jesus, and she said the BOM helps her do that.
 A lot of people in Jamaica sell things or drive a taxi for work. There are a lot of lizards, mongoose, owls, and crazy Jamaicans on the island. haha My past comps have been... Elder Aguirre, Johnson, Riding, Gardner, Knight, Wilson, Galbraith, Eullett, and Moyes. 
 Ox tail is really nice. Stew peas are my favorite. Portmore and Linstead would be the nice places to visit after I go home. The Book of Mormon has strengthened my testimony. Young men need to go on missions to move God's work forward and grow and continually progress and for them to learn. I have seen miracles. In portmore we fasted for a guy to find a way for him not to live with his girlfriend. When we saw him the next day his gf. literally disappeared. She moved out. 
I love you all bye,
Elder Davis

(He sent more pictures, but I can not figure out how to open them. I will update as soon as I can figure it out.)