Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I Have Seen Miracles - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello people,
This week was good. Slow on the missionary work, because everyone is partying. But so it goes. We got invited to a membe'rs house for dinner, and it was a crazy party. So, we got our food and ran. haha Jamaica is crazy. We also met a guy that said he was the origional hellboy. IDK probably a mad man. We did see this lady the other day her name is Dailia. She loves the Book of Mormon. She wants to come closer to Jesus, and she said the BOM helps her do that.
 A lot of people in Jamaica sell things or drive a taxi for work. There are a lot of lizards, mongoose, owls, and crazy Jamaicans on the island. haha My past comps have been... Elder Aguirre, Johnson, Riding, Gardner, Knight, Wilson, Galbraith, Eullett, and Moyes. 
 Ox tail is really nice. Stew peas are my favorite. Portmore and Linstead would be the nice places to visit after I go home. The Book of Mormon has strengthened my testimony. Young men need to go on missions to move God's work forward and grow and continually progress and for them to learn. I have seen miracles. In portmore we fasted for a guy to find a way for him not to live with his girlfriend. When we saw him the next day his gf. literally disappeared. She moved out. 
I love you all bye,
Elder Davis

(He sent more pictures, but I can not figure out how to open them. I will update as soon as I can figure it out.)

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