Monday, January 23, 2017

Machetes and Plucking - Linstead, Jamaica

 Hello everyone!
This week was another good week. Linstead is nice. Last week a kid named Akeem asked us to baptize him. He should get baptized this next Sunday. Jay came to church, we are just waiting for his dad to approve his baptism. Over all, it was an awesome week. We found a baby coconut tree, so we planted it in our yard. I named it Jeffrey. haha. We usually either chop yards with machetes or kill and pluck chickens for service hours. We learned how to make jerk chicken last week, so I can make it back home.
5 things I miss from America:
1 rootbeer
2 movies and tv
3 carpet
4 ac
5 clean dogs.
They have pretty much the same groceries here just different brands. I got a new camera. I'm happy I'm good. Elder poe got a card game named magic, so we might play that today.
I love you all,
Elder Davis

Elder Davis and Jeffrey

Wild Peacocks

There are goats everywhere

New Scripture case

New Scripture Case

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