Monday, January 25, 2016

Negril, Jamaica - Adventures around Every Corner

I'm Hello everyone. 
It was a good week. I am staying in negril but I am getting elder johnson. i am excited. this week was interesting. Thursday, we were heading home for lunch when we found a guy on the side of the road with some cut up legs. He said that he got beat up. We went home and got some medical stuff then came back to help him. Elder Aguirre cleaned his cuts. It smelled really bad. We looked on the ground and the guy had pooped on the ground and elder Aguirre stepped in it. haha It was so funny. We also almost saw Star Wars. haha we were teaching this guy who had a pirated version of star wars on the computer. He tried to show us the movie but elder aguirre stopped him. haha. He downloaded it and clicked play. It was soooo close.
Over all a pretty good week.
Elder Davis

No packages this week. It is zone pday, so the zone leaders might bring it. I am not sure when i am going to get a bike. I am going to look around negril, and i think there is a place in Savana la Mar that sells them.

We also caught a crab on the road and cooked it.

The guy with the name tag is Brother Morris. He is so cool. He is 86, and he just figured out he is getting old. haha 

 Brother Henry -  He is the strongest guy I have ever met.
Elder Aguirre cleaning his cuts.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Lots of Investigators! Week 13 - Negril, Jamaica

Hello everyone! 
It was a good week. George's foot got a jack hammer all the way through it. We have been able to see him a lot, and he really wants to get baptized. We are just waiting on his foot to heal. Wendy is also doing really good. He has got some work, and hopefully we found him a permanent job. He said once he gets a job then he will get baptized. He told his mom he wants to get baptized. He missed church, because he had work. We are teaching another guy who said that he prayed about the Book of Mormon and he knows it is true. He just needs to get married because he is living with his girlfriend. I went on trade offs with Elder Riding on Wednesday. It was good. He is a lot like me. He also played football in Idaho the same year I did. We talked about Star Wars and super heroes all day. haha. My bike is breaking down again. We get transfer calls on Saturday. If i get transferred, I think I am just going to get a new bike. We think our area might get white washed. Over all pretty good week.
I love you all,
Elder Davis

If I get transferred, It will be cool to see a new area, but I kind of want to stay and help the people we have here. I am fine either way.

The jackhammer went in the top of George's foot and came out the side. (yikes)

Yes, they play cricket and football and lots of soccer here. I have played cricket here.

 I am sleeping fine.

We are going to Savanna la mar today, and we are going to hang out with the other Elders.

 This is what I eat for dinner most of the time. (rice and peas)
I was spying on boats again 

Monday, January 11, 2016

4 Months Out - Pray for Wendy

This week has been good. George hurt his foot. He was using a jack hammer and it went through his foot. It is kind of a blessing though, because we can see him everyday and teach him everything for baptism. He already lives the word of wisdom and law of chastity. He is awesome and so ready to be baptized. Wendy is also doing good. He just wants a job before he gets baptized, so pray for that. It has been a pretty normal week. I got the letters from my mom's class. They are awesome. The one with the fake check in it was hilarious. My camera is good. It can zoom in on the boats way out in the ocean. I feel like a true CIA member. haha
Over all a good week,
Elder Davis

Other news...

For pday, we are crock potting some chicken, then we will probably play monopoly. Then we will draw pokemon. haha

Ya, I finished the Book of Mormon awhile ago. I am going to start it again when i get my smaill scriptures. If you read 6 pages a night you finish in 100 days. All of the missionaries are supposed to do that.

I do eat and sleep. I'm a little tired but its getting better.

George is getting better. He gives us money, and we go and get his food for him.

Send me pokemon cards. Our district has been drawing pokemon, and we want to play pokemon one day for pday. haha

Beached Elders in Negril, Jamaica 

Zooming in on the boats on the ocean
They are so sweet. Jamaican bananas are the best!

It is a vulture.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

North Coast Zone Christmas Party/ President Brown's Letter


Jamaica Kingston Mission
4 Garelli Avenue
Kingston 10

Dear Missionary Parents,
There are not words to express our gratitude for the generous donations and packages received from you this season.  Every elder and sister serving here at Christmas received packages and mail, and thanks to your assistance, not one was left out, not one was without a gift to make Christmas special for them.
This year each zone had a Christmas program focused on the birth of the Savior.  Sister Brown and I were able to spend a few minutes talking about the Savior’s birth and expressing our love to the missionaries. Following the program, we enjoyed a Christmas dinner prepared and served by Sister McPherson and Sister Medley.  They served a traditional Jamaican dinner of chicken, ham, rice and peas, potato salad, Jamaican vegetable, Jamaican pudding cake and ice cream.  After dinner, Elder Havili, Elder Jarvis and I donned our Santa hats and distributed all of the packages.  As names were called out, there were smiles, and looks of surprise from some who thought there would be no gifts for them. We have captured some of the fun with pictures.  We wish you could have shared in the sounds as well, but rest assured that your contributions were of great value in making each Christmas party a wonderful event for all of our missionaries. 

Jesus Christ is the true gift of Christmas.  That fact cannot be denied.  But as we stood and looked on your sons and daughters, it was very clear that they too are God’s gift to mankind. They are also part of the true gifts of Christmas as they represent the Savior of the world in their mission to the Caribbean people.
With sincere appreciation,            

President Kevin G. Brown

Jamaica Kingston Mission

Dinner :)  
Elders singing for Christmas program

President Brown and his assistants

Brodey opening his presents
Elders and their hats :)

North Coast Zone

Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New year 2016

It has been a pretty good week. This week is 2016! haha Elder Fowkes and Elder Trinnamin slept at our house, and we watched the fireworks at midnight. That was pretty fun. There were also a whole bunch of those paper lanterns that float in the air. That was cool. We also killed and defeathered a whole bunch of chickens for a member the other day. It was gross but fun at the same time. I bought 2 coconuts for New Years the coconut water tastes nice, haha. The investigators are pretty good. Wendy is probably going to be baptized pretty soon. So is george, but we have had a hard time seeing him lately. Orlando's dad kept him from coming to church yesterday, and I don't think his dad wants us to see him anymore. Over all it was a pretty good week. I love you all.
Happy New Year!
Elder Davis

My bike used to  squeak everytime I peddled, but its all good now.

It is a little cooler, but still pretty hot and humid.

If dad thought chickens were gross when they were alive, he should try to feather one. It is nasty!

Working on my bike

Sitting on the balcony working on my bike

Wendy, our investigator

Elder Fowkes - defeathering chickens

This lizard rode around with me all of the way to church

The kind of bikes that they ride here

Yes, that is a pig head