Monday, January 11, 2016

4 Months Out - Pray for Wendy

This week has been good. George hurt his foot. He was using a jack hammer and it went through his foot. It is kind of a blessing though, because we can see him everyday and teach him everything for baptism. He already lives the word of wisdom and law of chastity. He is awesome and so ready to be baptized. Wendy is also doing good. He just wants a job before he gets baptized, so pray for that. It has been a pretty normal week. I got the letters from my mom's class. They are awesome. The one with the fake check in it was hilarious. My camera is good. It can zoom in on the boats way out in the ocean. I feel like a true CIA member. haha
Over all a good week,
Elder Davis

Other news...

For pday, we are crock potting some chicken, then we will probably play monopoly. Then we will draw pokemon. haha

Ya, I finished the Book of Mormon awhile ago. I am going to start it again when i get my smaill scriptures. If you read 6 pages a night you finish in 100 days. All of the missionaries are supposed to do that.

I do eat and sleep. I'm a little tired but its getting better.

George is getting better. He gives us money, and we go and get his food for him.

Send me pokemon cards. Our district has been drawing pokemon, and we want to play pokemon one day for pday. haha

Beached Elders in Negril, Jamaica 

Zooming in on the boats on the ocean
They are so sweet. Jamaican bananas are the best!

It is a vulture.

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