Monday, January 25, 2016

Negril, Jamaica - Adventures around Every Corner

I'm Hello everyone. 
It was a good week. I am staying in negril but I am getting elder johnson. i am excited. this week was interesting. Thursday, we were heading home for lunch when we found a guy on the side of the road with some cut up legs. He said that he got beat up. We went home and got some medical stuff then came back to help him. Elder Aguirre cleaned his cuts. It smelled really bad. We looked on the ground and the guy had pooped on the ground and elder Aguirre stepped in it. haha It was so funny. We also almost saw Star Wars. haha we were teaching this guy who had a pirated version of star wars on the computer. He tried to show us the movie but elder aguirre stopped him. haha. He downloaded it and clicked play. It was soooo close.
Over all a pretty good week.
Elder Davis

No packages this week. It is zone pday, so the zone leaders might bring it. I am not sure when i am going to get a bike. I am going to look around negril, and i think there is a place in Savana la Mar that sells them.

We also caught a crab on the road and cooked it.

The guy with the name tag is Brother Morris. He is so cool. He is 86, and he just figured out he is getting old. haha 

 Brother Henry -  He is the strongest guy I have ever met.
Elder Aguirre cleaning his cuts.

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