Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New year 2016

It has been a pretty good week. This week is 2016! haha Elder Fowkes and Elder Trinnamin slept at our house, and we watched the fireworks at midnight. That was pretty fun. There were also a whole bunch of those paper lanterns that float in the air. That was cool. We also killed and defeathered a whole bunch of chickens for a member the other day. It was gross but fun at the same time. I bought 2 coconuts for New Years the coconut water tastes nice, haha. The investigators are pretty good. Wendy is probably going to be baptized pretty soon. So is george, but we have had a hard time seeing him lately. Orlando's dad kept him from coming to church yesterday, and I don't think his dad wants us to see him anymore. Over all it was a pretty good week. I love you all.
Happy New Year!
Elder Davis

My bike used to  squeak everytime I peddled, but its all good now.

It is a little cooler, but still pretty hot and humid.

If dad thought chickens were gross when they were alive, he should try to feather one. It is nasty!

Working on my bike

Sitting on the balcony working on my bike

Wendy, our investigator

Elder Fowkes - defeathering chickens

This lizard rode around with me all of the way to church

The kind of bikes that they ride here

Yes, that is a pig head


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