Monday, December 28, 2015

Last Pday of 2015

Hello everyone!

This was a good week. Just more sketchy taxis and crazy Jamaicans. haha. Christmas was good. Wendy one of our investigators is sooo elect. You cant even believe! He already knows the Book of Mormon is true, and said he is putting his life on hold for God. He is awesome. I got to skype home this week which was really fun. Seeing some old faces was a relief to the stress of mission life. Usually i make a big thing of rice and peas and just eat that throughout the week. My bike runs a lot better now that I got a new frame. My rims are pretty old, so I am probably going to get some new rims next. Over all a good week.

I love you all

Elder Davis

All of the Jamaicans have motorcycles. So i am inspired to get one when i get back.

Church was good. Wendy (our investigator) came an hour early he was reading the Book of Mormon when we showed up.

For Pday we are probably going over to Elder Fowkes' house to play Monoploly.

They ride like weird little like Japanese bikes, but there are a couple that ride dirt bikes. That is what i want, a dirt bike.

Christmas Star Wars Advent Calendar - From Aunt Sue 
Our street - The candles are because the guy was murdered here. 

Chapel in Negril, Jamaica

View from the chapel in Negril, Jamaica

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