Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas was great!

Christmas was great. thanks for all the packages. I got more than everyone haha. This week was a little slow. Pretty much everyone canceled. We started teaching this guy named Wendy. He is awesome. He came to church and loved it. There was a visitor there that gave him a book of Mormon. we went to see him later in the week. When we got there he had read 2 chapters in the book of Mormon. He told us that he already knows it is true. We also put him on date to be baptized on the 16th of January. I am doing pretty good. I am still in the same area and with the same companion. Church was good there were a whole bunch of Canadians at our church this week. haha

Elder Davis

We hang out with elder Fowkes on Mondays. We go and play soda pong haha. He is really nice. My favorite Christmas gift was probably the camera and the picture book. Dad has a full blown beard

How was star wars? I didn't even know it came out until some white guy came up to us and asked if we are going to make it to the premier.

The camera works. ya i got a whole bunch of pictures

Friday we are going to the next town over (Savlamar) they have better internet at the church there. It will probably be in the evening.

Ya we can skype. I did get the stick and cheese. i got 6 packages. One from the Wrights and the rest from I cant remember who.

The ocean and all the jungle are the best part of Negril

I'm excited to skype. I have some crazy stories to tell. I have to go now, I love you

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I got the most presents!

Christmas Party Dinner

Zone Christmas Party (Elder Fowkes)

Elder Gibson... He's from Utah

My Zone in Montego Bay

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