Monday, February 29, 2016

Emergency Transfer! - Savanna La Mar

Hello everyone,
 It has been a crazy week. It all started Monday night when the zone leaders called me and said I am getting emergency transferred to Savanna la Mar. One of the elders there got sick. The next day they they took me there. On Wednesday we went on trade offs. The next day was elections day. So, we had to stay inside. Friday and Saturday were pretty normal. On Sunday, we learned that there was a miscount in the elections. There were riots all over the island, and we had to stay in that day too. We figured it out after church. My new companion is Elder Riding. He is from Rexburg. He is pretty cool. He watches the Arrow and stuff. It was pretty crazy, but it was fun. 
I love you all,
Elder Davis

I am ok. I wanted to at least say good by to the members and see George get baptized, but I'm excited. Elder Johnson is in a tri with Elder Porter and Elder Trinnamin. I got extra sleep on Thursday, because we had to stay inside. 

I am here for good, the other Elder went home. 

Savanna La Mar has a church building. I live in a 4 man house. There is hot water. It is kind of an older house. We are going to stop by the church on the way home the computer there is better to send pictures. 

I am pretty close to Negril so hopefully i can go back. It is a bigger town here.  There is a KFC here. haha  There are no white tourists in this town, though. 

Elder Johnson and Elder Davis
Making margaritas later (with Sprite)
New Elders and the New apartment
A dog by the road
Treats for Election Thursday
Elder Riding

Cody told us about their shut in day. This is their breakfast, a Graham Fam specialty we call thin pancakes. I love them topped with fruit and whipped cream, looks like they skipped the fruit part and went straight for the fluffy stuff! The root beer is an added delicacy, I see.  

Monday, February 22, 2016

Epic Beard - Negril, Jamaica

Hello everyone!
This week was kind of slow. Everyone fell through. There was a lot of walking. We went to Brother Morris' house, and he showed us his beard that he keeps in a bag. He has kept since 1982. haha  He is so funny. I ,also, made curried chicken for the first time. It was so good. The bike is running well. We had zone conference on Friday. There was nothing to exciting. No packages, just a letter. IDK were all of the the Negril mail goes. I think it is in the office in Kingston. Over all a pretty good week. 
I love you all
Elder Davis
How are you doing and how is the weather?
I am doing good. weather is the same. hot and humid. we have to stay inside Thursday because it is election day and people get shot. It is pretty crazy

Do you have enough money and do you like getting our pictures?
I am good. I always have extra at the end of the month. I like getting pictures.

How are you really doing, mentally, spiritually, and physically?
I am good. Growing in all the above.

Any interesting animals?
There are hermit crabs all over the place. People use them for fish bait.

He was also impressed with his dad's (Tyler's beard). He said he could be on Duck Dynasty. haha

Made my own Chicken Curry
Sour Sop Fruit
Brother Morris' Beard

Monday, February 15, 2016

Trying to speak Patwa - Negril, Jamaica

It has been good Elder Johnson is pretty cool. I got my new bike today. George really wants to get baptized in a river, so we are looking for one. He found his cat. haha. There aren't a lot of mosquitoes were we live which is good. We found a really cool investigator. He will probably be the next branch president. It does seem like a long time since I left. It has been good. I am just super tired. Negril is getting old. I will probably leave at the end of this transfer. Orlando came to church and so did a couple of less active members. Church was good. Brother Inis is still insane. It is sad to seem him in his crazy state. I can understand most people. I am trying to speak it, but the Jamaicans just laugh. haha
Elder Davis

I am going to take some of the good parts off of my old bike and switch them out the try to sell it or something.

Elder Johnson likes to clean on pdays, but i think i convinced him to go to some cliffs by the ocean and explore.

Jerk Chicken with Brother Henry

Cliffs of Negril, Jamaica

Overlooking the city of Negril and the Coast

My new bike is the black one. The forks are on backwards, but I will fix that.
Brother Henry and Elder Graham eating Jerk Chicken. 

Monday, February 8, 2016

5 Months and Counting... Negril, Jamaica

Hello everyone,
This week was good. We are teaching a lot of new people. George is ready for baptism. My new companion is from Texas. He is pretty cool. He is a pats fan. haha. The Burger King cards don't work in Jamaica. Nothing too exciting happened this week. This morning we got a call from a member, and she said that her friend needed a priesthood blessing. So, we went and gave her one. She was in a lot of pain and was laying on a bed kind of rolling around from the pain. We gave her the blessing, and she stopped moving. I think she felt better. It was super cool.
Elder Davis

Negril is scary, but they don't do anything to white people.

I am good. The mission office was supposed to send me some pictures of bikes from Kingston. There is one here i am probably going to get. I will get one either today or later this week.

I'm healthy! I'm Happy most of the time. 
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Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship

Monday, February 1, 2016

There are a lot of crazy people in Negril!

Hello Everyone! 
It has been a good but long week. Elder Johnson got here, but his bike was a couple days late so we walked a lot. Sunday was crazy. Wade,one of the members, has gone completely mad. He came to church late and was dressed kind of like Jesus. He had a big bowie knife that he called his sword. He is completely off his rocker. There are a lot of crazy people in Negril. George is doing good. He found his cat. He hopped down to church one day. That was awesome. Another guy said he was going to go into the bush and read all of the Book of Mormon. He won't come back until he reads all of it. haha That will be cool if he does it. We are both exhausted from walking and biking so much. haha. I got the pokemon card package (haha) and a couple letters. 
Over all a good week,
Elder Davis

Orlando had a gunman on his street on sunday so it was locked down. He couldn't come to church. 

Wild Hermit Crab

Baracuda Head