Monday, February 29, 2016

Emergency Transfer! - Savanna La Mar

Hello everyone,
 It has been a crazy week. It all started Monday night when the zone leaders called me and said I am getting emergency transferred to Savanna la Mar. One of the elders there got sick. The next day they they took me there. On Wednesday we went on trade offs. The next day was elections day. So, we had to stay inside. Friday and Saturday were pretty normal. On Sunday, we learned that there was a miscount in the elections. There were riots all over the island, and we had to stay in that day too. We figured it out after church. My new companion is Elder Riding. He is from Rexburg. He is pretty cool. He watches the Arrow and stuff. It was pretty crazy, but it was fun. 
I love you all,
Elder Davis

I am ok. I wanted to at least say good by to the members and see George get baptized, but I'm excited. Elder Johnson is in a tri with Elder Porter and Elder Trinnamin. I got extra sleep on Thursday, because we had to stay inside. 

I am here for good, the other Elder went home. 

Savanna La Mar has a church building. I live in a 4 man house. There is hot water. It is kind of an older house. We are going to stop by the church on the way home the computer there is better to send pictures. 

I am pretty close to Negril so hopefully i can go back. It is a bigger town here.  There is a KFC here. haha  There are no white tourists in this town, though. 

Elder Johnson and Elder Davis
Making margaritas later (with Sprite)
New Elders and the New apartment
A dog by the road
Treats for Election Thursday
Elder Riding

Cody told us about their shut in day. This is their breakfast, a Graham Fam specialty we call thin pancakes. I love them topped with fruit and whipped cream, looks like they skipped the fruit part and went straight for the fluffy stuff! The root beer is an added delicacy, I see.  

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