Sunday, September 24, 2017

Brodey's Homecoming - Henderson, NV

We had a great time with all of our family at Brodey's homecoming talk. He also made Sayre an elder. :)

Monday, August 28, 2017

Nervous, Sad, and Excited To Leave All At the Same Time - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello everyone, 
This week was another good week. One of our old investigators came to church, so that was awesome. Two big less active families came to church. 
We taught priesthood. Things here are good. It's been hot here. Today we are going to have a zone pday. It is just a bunch of missionaries getting together to play games and stuff. I don't know any of the new missionaries. oh well. 
We got fed twice yesterday, and we get fed on Tuesday. This week we are getting fed Friday and Thursday as well. 
I am excited to come home and nervous and sad to leave all at the same time. I can make some jerk chicken for everyone.
I am so pumped to see Star Wars. I have to watch Star Wars alone. So, no one can spoil and no distractions. I am doing good. I still haven't had any hot water.
see you all soon
Elder Davis

Monday, August 21, 2017

Pray Everything Works Out - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello everyone. 
It was a good week. Everyone liked the ties. We wore them on Sunday. I heard about the eclipse yesterday, but no one is really talking about it. I'm not doing any program for going home. The Suavecito made it. If they come to church this week, the baptism can still happen. We have a bunch of people for the 3rd, just pray everything works out. I found a bunch of cool fidget spinners this week. Patrick came to church yesterday. He is a g. We usually get fed rice and peas and chicken. We did some family history on Saturday. I went as far back as i could get on our tree. I got to 1799 bc. Crazy, I found the king of Britain, and the king of Troy, and some warlord king dude that was fun. Overall a good week. I'm excited to see everyone. 
see you soon,
Elder Davis

Elly made us ties

Patrick the O.G.
Patrick made me a card and picture

From Patrick

People keep giving me fidget spinners 

New hat

Monday, August 14, 2017

Anyone Want Anything From Jamaica? - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello everyone!
This week was good. We taught one of the recent convert's cousins and his son this week. They are scheduled to be baptized on the 3 of September. We haven't seen the lady that was supposed to get baptized or the guy that comes to church every week. The members are great. They are bringing a lot of there friends to church. We get fed pretty often now. We got fed twice yesterday. Linstead is good. Not too hot. Not too rainy. Zone conference was good. We talked a lot about Christlike attributes. At 6 months they burn a tie, one year a shirt, 18 months pants, and nothing at the end. I still have my suit. It is at the mission home I think. I haven't seen it this whole time. I am not sure if it still fits. I've been to the Linstead market. It's kind of like the flee market in Palm Desert just more ghetto and you don't have to pay to get in. This week was good. Does anyone want anything specific? I'm trying to get a little something for everyone. 
I love you all
Elder Davis
Elder Hatch and Markwalter

Elder Davis and Brother Muschette

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Wedding & One Month Left - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello everyone,
 This week was good. The person that was going to get baptized got in a fight with her family and felt like she needs to postpone her baptism, so that was rough. Bro Forde and Ulanda, they are to really cool members, got married yesterday. It was cool. Nice to have another family in the ward. It usually rains everyday around 1 o'clock. It's been pretty hot. The members here are awesome. We have appointments with a different ones every evening. We get fed like 3 times a week. So that is dope. We have been helping Bishop catch more chickens. He has a bunch. It is weird that I only have a month left. I don't know how I feel about it. I am trying not to think about it too much. 
I love you all, bye
Elder Davis

Forde and Ulanda's wedding

Seriously...the goats :)

Wedding in Linstead
My new wallet! 

Hopefully, i don't get mugged.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Zombie Tag - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello everyone,

This week was good. Sandra isn't getting baptized. A lady named Perkins is getting baptized hopefully. She came to church. We are now covering 3 areas so that is fun. All of the young men have fidget spinners. We tried to play zombie tag on Friday for Friday night activity, but they are all lame. It didn't work. Oh well. We have been getting fed more, so that is awesome. Every evening we have an apointment with members not all of them feed us, but it's still fun to visit the members. No package yet. hopefully this week.

Love you all,

Elder Davis