Monday, July 24, 2017

I'll Be Finishing My Mission In Linstead - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello everyone,

This week was good. We got transfer calls. I am staying in Linstead. We are getting the other area, so we now we cover all of Linstead. And I get to go back to my old area.

There were supposed to be 14 new missionaries out of the MTC, but only 4 came. So there is a lack of missionaries. The white shirts are all still white. I got the new ones. Bro Muschette is a character. 

A lot of people here think the spirit makes you go crazy and roll on the ground and speak in tongues. They just don't really trust anyone, not to superstitious. They are working good. Lots of people like to come and hang out at our Friday night activities. 
We take taxis everyday. They are just little crappy cars and they squish a lot of people it them. They drive really fast. The drivers here are good. but they are crazy drivers. They drive insane but there are surprisingly not a lot of crashes. 
Some believe that they are separate, some think it is the trinity. 
Rastas think King Ilie Salasy is Jesus reincarnated. 
We have a couple of really cool investigators. One of them should be baptized on the 6th. She just moved out of her boyfriends house. So she is awesome. We will soon have a bunch more from the other area. 
I think it is harder to live the gospel here than in the US. There are a lot of temptations and less friends with standards. 
We have a washing machine but no drier. We have the same appliances. Nothing to crazy this week. 
I love you all,
Elder Davis

 Sandra and her family

Graduation for these little kids

Brother  Muschette's daughter

Monday, July 17, 2017

Sickness and Guinness - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello Everyone, 
This week was good. I went on trade off with the zone leaders, and the ac in there car got me sick. I got some medicine, and I'm feeling better now. 
We have been working with a less active named Sandra. She came to church this week. So that was awesome. 
Today we went hiking with a member today. I forgot my camera, but I'm having the other elders send me pictures. 
O ya, last night was kind of crazy. We went to a member's house. She gave us some carrot juice. It tasted funny. Her son always jokes with us, and he said there is Guinness in it. We thought he was joking. Then the member started acting drunk. We asked her what was in the drink. She said it was carrots and milk stuff. After we asked the son if there was alcohol in it. He said there was. So, I might have been buzzed last night. haha We just headed home after that. 
That's how my week went
Love you all,
Elder Davis

Linstead Elders with Brother Muschette

Those shoes, though! 
Church Building in Linstead
Linstead, Spanish Town Train

Monday, July 10, 2017

Engagement, Root Beer Candies, and Rasta Dudes - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello Every one, 
This week was good. Elder Poe (a missionary who served here a little while ago) got engaged, we were invited. So, I have a video of it. His family is really nice. I got your package from them. The stuff is awesome. I gave a few of the root beer candy out at church, and a lot of the Jamaicans don't like it.  Everyone here thinks the sunflower seeds are bird food. haha. Instead of mutual here we are starting this thing called Friday night activity. Where everyone is invited to come and play games or watch a movie or something along those lines. This week we played football. (soccer) I scored a goal, so that was fun. The tie in the package is dope. Thanks Elly. Everyone loves it. The dog in our yard, I think had puppies. We found two Rasta dudes this week. They are pretty cool, and it seems like they are searching for the truth. Over all a good week.
Love you all,
Elder Davis
My new tie from Elly and a mango

Brother Muschette taking pictures...

Holy bug!


Our dog that lives in the yard

Elder Poe (he's been home for a while)

(getting engaged)

Monday, July 3, 2017

Banana Smoothies This Week - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello everyone! 
This week was good. We have been having a lot of FHE with the families of the ward. So that has been fun. Church was good. Bro Muschette gave us a bunch of bananas. So, I'm going to make some smoothies this week. My favorite mango is a belly full. They are really big. We are going to start to visit all the part member families. There are a few potential investigators in the families. 
I do miss Thelma. haha There is voodoo and stuff they call it Obea. I haven't seen any but I hear about it. 
The license plates here are just white and have red letters. They are boring, and taxis have red plates. 
There aren't any monkeys. I have heard that all the Jamaicans ate them all, but i don't think it is true. They don't have Uber there are just a bunch of taxis that go everywhere.
I can't find any white shirts no one has my size. No mail this week. I'm good. i just watched the videos of dad on the runway. What the heck? I am dying. haha
Love you all
Elder Davis

Having FHE!

Monday, June 26, 2017

It's Mango Season - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello everyone!
This week was good. We found a cool old a lady to teach. We had a lot of ackee this week. Ackee and bacon, ackee and saltfish, breadfruit, curried chicken, and fry chicken this week. It has been hot here, probably not as hot as back home but still warm. It's mango season. So I have been eating a lot of mangos. 
There is definitely a reason for the mission rules. Blessings come when you follow them. 
Fun things to do in jamaica...
1 for non-members there are all sorts of parties. 
2 go to the beach. 
3 go to the river and swim 
4 eat food. 
5 play soccer 
6 chill 
7 sit and reason and talk bad about the government. haha People just like to chill and eat. No one here likes Trump. They charge white people more for things than Jamaicans.
Love you guys
Elder Davis

Elder Davis and the kids at school
Elder Porter and Elder Davis

Elder Riding and Elder Davis

New Planner

What the?

Monday, June 19, 2017

Top Ten Things Not to Say in Jamaica - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello Everyone! 
This week was good. It has rained the past few days. It's sunny now. I gave a talk in sacrament meeting this week. about helping the poor and needy. So that was fun. It seems exciting in America, graduation and everything. People here are starting to end school also. We have walked a ton this week, idk how many miles. But it was a long way. We found this cool new investigator. His mom is a seventh day adventist, and she tried to bible bash me me. But it didn't work hehe. But he is cool. Linstead is great! It's not too hot. 
Top Ten ways I have changed: 
1 I now have a sure testimony of the book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. 
2 My christlike attributes have been something I have worked on. 
3 I can talk to people pretty well. 
4 I think I am more mature. 
5 I know how to do laundry. 
6 I cook better 
7 I can iron a shirt.... idk what else. 
Top 10 things not to say in Jamaica: 
1 Donald Trump is a good guy 
2 Jesus is white 
3 Don't say anything about anyone or anything gay. 
4 Bash Obama... they love him. 
5 Weed is bad for you. people say it's the healing of the nations 
6 Don't ever make the pssst noise because they think it means you want to break the law of chastity. idk? haha idk know what else. 
Top 10 popular names in Jamaica: 
1 Keisha 
2 Dwyane 
3 Kevin 
4 Aundre 
5 Jermaine 
6 Jerome 
7 Shawna Kay 
8 Davis is a common last name. 
9 David 
10 Bible names, Book of Mormon and New Testament names 
I love you all,
Elder Davis

He might need a rain coat :)

My ties!

Missionaries Collect Ties

New Shoes - 

It has been raining a lot this week!

At Church in Linstead

Brodey, Elder Shafer, Elder Knight, Brother Muschette at church

Monday, June 12, 2017

Stitching Up A Dog - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello everyone! 
This week was good. We helped stitch up a dog's face this week. Someone chopped it in the face with a machete. So that was exciting. Stake conference was good. There is just one stake here, and it is pretty small. I saw Patrick and a bunch of other people I knew. Last monday we had a zone pday. That was fun. We played volleyball and soccer and a little basketball. Tabitha is doing good. Her dog is the one that got chopped. No mail this week. I have shoes. It was fun, I got kicked in the shin. I was going to score a goal. My comp was a spaz and just kicked as hard as he could and hit my shin instead of the ball.  But pain is an emotion! haha  I am staying in Linstead, probably for the rest of my mission.
I love you all
Elder Davis
Stitching up a Dog

Stitching up a Dog's face

Patrick and Elder Davis

Zone Conference with Old Friends :)
Nice sign :)
Julie from Spanish Town

Monday, June 5, 2017

Raising My X-Wing Out of the Swamp - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello everyone, 
This week was good. Zone conference was good. We talked a lot about hope. I talked to President he said he was going to see what he could do to keep me in Linstead. Linstead is great. I would be happy anywhereI never got the letters with stickers. We are working on finding new investigators. We are still teaching Tabatha. So, we have been walking around a lot talking to people. I sleep just fine here. The ward is great it is the biggest on the island and the best running. The bishop is awesome also. Sounds like it is exciting back home. Later today we are going to Spain Town to play soccer with the the rest of the zone. Elder Johansen and Elder Stevens are going home the same day as me. 
I love you all,
Elder Davis

New Wood Carving

Raising my X-Wing out of the swamp!

Using the Force


Prince of Egypt! We watched this all of the time growing up

Elder Davis, Brother Muschette, Elder Shafer

Having Fun at a member's house