Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Worn Out Shoes in Linstead, Jamaica

Hello everyone. 
This week was good. Christmas was great! It was good to see my family. Thank you everyone for the mail and support. The Christmas party was great. We played charades and had some American food. Over all my week was good. 
I love you all,
Elder Davis

-I duct taped the Christmas tree to the door.
-I duct taped the bottom of the shoes, so they will last a little while.
-Please send a little digital watch. I'll get a camera here. 

My Christmas Loot!

They said they would last two year... lol 

Wow, doing a lot of biking and walking. I guess?

Linstead, Jamaica - Our bikes

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Skype 2016

Brodey's Christmas Skype 12/25/16

The thing he misses most about the US is boneless chicken and Mexican food.
Jamaicans are always trying to impress the white people.
People are crazy. They met a man who told them he was Jesus and he lived in Never land with Peter Pan. 
His favorite area was Portmore and then Negril.
All of his companions have been pretty good, easy going. 
His bike was part of a murder crime scene in Spanish Town. He said it is a scarier than he tells us, but it is so different it is hard to explain. 
He is trying to get everyone bandanas with their names on it. He has a list of all of his cousins, aunts and uncles to get them all one. They are only like one dollar each.
One of the elders told him Han Solo dies in the force awakens
Linstead has lots of coconut trees, chicken farms, and cows. It is a lot like napa valley in the US just Jamaican style. 
They celebrate Christmas by having a huge party, drinking, smoking and partying. 
It is foggy in the morning in Linstead and it rains a lot because they are up in the mountains.
He thinks he will go up north to the tourist towns next transfer. 
He loves President Pearson. He is kind and like a friend. 
Tell the Wrights that I love them and miss them.
He takes a taxi everyday to Linstead. He lives in a little town or in the bush outside of Linstead. 
They are teaching a young man who wants to play football in the NFL. He wants to get baptized, but his dad won't let him. He keeps them up to date on what is happening in the NFL. 
He loved all of the Christmas gifts. He got the legos, flowered tie, and all of the other treats. 
He loved the sheets he got for Christmas. His sheets had holes in them. He was very excited about them.
Everyone loves his bike. It is famous in the mission. It has a big seat and wide handle bars. They call it "dog destroyer", "magic carpet", "tie fighter" because of the Star Wars stickers, "the time machine" because if you go 88 mph on it you go back in time.
His camera and watch broke. He replaced the picture in his watch with a picture of Thelma.
He needs good shoes. They don't really have any there. 
He got Grandma's turtle tie. He loves it. 
A member in his area always tells him about what happens on the flash tv show. 
He is happy! 
The elders are going to play monopoly on Pday. Everyone in Jamaica calls it Mun-oh-poly. 
He said there were about 9 people who live in the yard. He was at a member's house handing dinner when he called. 
The house he was in had plywood walls and a zinc ceiling. It is what we call aluminum. 
This is the first area that he can't see the ocean in. 
There aren't any American stores there. 
Jamaicans don't understand what humidity is. They don't know any different. He says people in America think they know what it humidity is, but they don't until they live in Jamaica. You can't even describe it. 
He talked to Elder Gibbons the other day and told him that they were practically cousins. Because  their cousins are dating each other. 
Him and a few other elders from Idaho are going on a hunting trip when they get back. 
He loves the Jamaican holiday drink it is made from flowers. It is called Soral. He loves the food there.
He is really happy. He loves serving others and being on his mission. He is glad he went!
His pday will be on Tuesday this week. 
Lisntead, Jamaica

He's Happy

Thelma Watch

Loved hearing his funny stories

Monday, December 19, 2016

Linstead is Awesome! Time for New Stuff - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello everyone, 
This week was great! Lindstead is awesome. I've seen the train. It is a really bushy jungle! I have been to the Linstead market. I am trying to get bandanas for everyone there. They sell some crazy ones in the market. The market gets crazy at Christmas time. Our ward mission leader is kind of crazy, but so it goes. Shawn didn't make it to church, so we are going to have to beat him up. haha jk. We found a bunch of cool investigators. 
We played football(soccer) today in Spain town. That was pretty fun. This week should be fun. We have our zone Christmas party on Thursday. We will sing Christmas songs and open our presents/ packages. 
My shoes are starting to break. The sole is coming off. I'm going to try to get them fixed, but if you see any cheap ones. I might need some new ones. My camera isn't working, either. i think the button broke. I'm going to try to get that fixed also. Elder Moyes took some pictures. He is going to send me some. So I'll forward them. My watch broke also like last week. haha
If anyone has q's about Jamaica, shoot me an email. 
Love you all, 
Elder Davis

Linstead, Jamaica

Linstead, Jamaica

Monday, December 12, 2016

Coconuts, Brownies, and "Floured" in Linstead, Jamaica

Hey Everybody,
I know elder Gibbons. He is pretty cool. That is hilarious, small world. This week was good. My birthday was good. Just the same old thing, but we did get a bunch of coconuts. So, that was good. We made the brownies you sent. Elder Moyes got sick on Saturday and a little on Sunday, but he is better now. Shawn didn't make it to church which was sad, but we will see what happened. We had Stake Conference. It was fun, we saw some of the old members. So, that was fun. It is weird to be 20 now. That is how my week went. 
I love you all,
Elder Davis

The birthday package was great. The shirt is awesome. The brownies are so good. I got the Cowboys tie. 

Last week the internet shut off, so I couldn't email everyone

Our skype call will be after 10am, our time on Christmas. We are not for sure yet.

Today we are doing the same old thing. Next p-day we are having a yankie swap gift exchange. I bought a poster with fluffly bunnies on it. It should be fun.

Stake Conference with Patrick from Portmore

Stake Conference with Julie from Spanish Town

One of the church members, Brother Muschette, "Floured" him for his birthday!

He is collecting American memorabilia in Jamaica. Obama Perfume??? 

Stake Conference Jamaica - These elders came to Jamaica together 15 months ago.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Chickens and Machetes - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello everyone. It has been another week in Linstead, Jamaica. Shawn, our super prepared investigator, read the plan of salvation pamphlet, and he just started praying and crying. He made it to church, and I think he liked it. So, that was awesome. Last night we had a sleep over with the other elders, so that was fun. I tried to sleep in my hammock, but then my legs cramped up. So, i slept on the floor. But so it goes. Over all it was a good week.
I got a lot of emails this week. I'm excited. It is weird to think that I've been in Jamaica for all of my 19th year. I am not sure what we will do for my birthday. Probably make the potatoes and stuffing that you sent. 
No other mail this week. The mission office is holding all of the packages until our Zone Christmas party. Our Christmas party is on the 22nd.
Love you all,
Elder Davis
Finally get to use my machete

my new hat

Linstead Market

I found a mustang in Jamaica

Killing chickens

Plant in Jamaica

Could have done without that...