Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Stew Peas - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello everyone, 
It's me again. This week was good. We had zone conference. That was pretty fun. I got my b-day package and the thanksgiving one. I'm going to make the potatoes this week with the stuffing. We are trying to get the Christmas tree put up. I ate the Reeses. I am saving my birthday package until next week. I made stew peas this week. It is a Jamaican food. It's crazy that Christmas is almost here, and I am almost 20. That's weird! We also found this really cool investigator last week. He has a tattoo, and he really wants to get baptized and repent. He is way cool. I'll keep you updated on what happens. The members are good. My comp is good. We get fed every Sunday, still. Linstead is a more quiet area. We live out in the bush. There isn't much of a town, but the town isn't too far.
Elder Davis

Linstead has a lot of farms and ranches

Food from the market

Stew Peas

Big Banana Spider

Linstead, Jamaica

Linstead Train

Fish Fry with Members

Jamaican Jerk Chicken for Lunch

The Jungle

Monday, November 21, 2016

First Week in Linstead, Jamaica

Hello Everyone,
Lindstead is nice lots of trees and fruit and plants. the people are pretty nice. my comp is good. I'm his mom. haha. He is pretty new on the mission. There is zone meeting this week, so i should get mail there. Linstead is just a small town and there are lots of trees. The members seem nice. It is better then Spain Town

I'm good. There are a few investigators. T
here is one guy we met he was like a gangster, but he is pretty interested. It's been good.

My companion is from South Jordan. What part of South Jordan do Aaron and Angie live? We are going to shop today and do the usual thing. Linstead is better, it is not depressing. 
 There are 6 elders in town, but in different houses. 
Elder Davis
I had to throw up Austin's gang sign.

Keisha our neighbor in Spain Town

Our house in Linstead. No hot water!

Jerk Chicken

Monday, November 14, 2016

I Am Finally Getting Transferred!!

Hello everyone, 
This week was good. I am getting transferred to Linstead with Elder Moys. I am going to be a mom. haha. I am his second companion. It should be good. I have heard good things about Linstead. I'll leave this place tomorrow morning. I am ready to leave. haha Next transfer should be better. Other than that nothing too exciting. Our investigators all fell through so, ya. That was awkward. I'll be out of here soon.
I have to go. I love you bye,
Elder Davis

My neighbor has been copying all the recipes. She has the Ashton Ward cookbook. The transfer should be good, something new!

I met my companion a few times. He seems cool, just really green. I heard the members feed missionaries a lot in Linstead.

I am just excited. No mail this week. My companion is from Utah :/. He seems chill, though.
The Harrison Family

The Moodies -  The lady in the purple is the the one you text every Sunday and sends you pictures of dinner. 

Dinner with the Moodies

Monday, November 7, 2016

Hanging in there... Spanish Town, Jamaica

Hello everyone! 
This week was better. We actually found two investigators. They are two sisters, and they are actually keeping commitments. Hopefully, we can get them to church next Sunday. Transfer calls are this Saturday. So, that is exciting. I hope I get transferred far away from Spain Town. The dogs are good. haha We didn't get to go to the service day. We didnt know where it was, and i think it got canceled. We are going to chill at the church today with the other elders. My companion is good, just different. I have 10 more months, it is going by fast. 
That was my week,
Elder Davis

It helps when you put baggies on all of the treats in my packages. Then the ants and rats don't get into them. 
Tell Grandma that the mosquito net works wonderfully!
What the?
Jamaican Sunset

Amazing Tree in Spanish Town

We found this in a little gully.

Austin - For Pat and Jenn