Monday, May 29, 2017

A kneeling prayer brings the spirit - LInstead, Jamaica

Hello everyone! 

This week was good Brother Wisdom got confirmed. This week was kind of boring just the same old. We have zone conference tomorrow. So that will be fun. At the beginning of my mission I lost weight. I think i am losing weight. IDK if I have grown. Usually a barber cuts my hair. Most of the barbers here don't know how to cut white people hair, but there are a few that do a good job. My teeth are good. If we walk a lot they start to hurt. They have tons of different bag juice flavors. I am going to try to send some. I have a package that I want to send this Monday or next. Most of the stores are just wholesales that Chinese people own or little drug stores. 
A kneeling prayer brings the spirit the strongest. We have filters for our water, and I have a 2 liter that I fill up and keep in the fridge. I made some pumpkin chicken soup the other day. It was good. They call the police the JDF. They just drive around in jeeps looking for cars with guns. They are basically the swat team. 
We are going to play some card games today. We just learn how to be a missionary at zone conference. It is kind of like a training. I'll see President tomorrow. I did get my flight plans. It's exciting, but it is better to just keep working.
I love you everyone,
Elder Davis
Brother Fletcher - one of my favorite people

Our trap to catch the chickens so the mongooses don't get them 

The chickens we caught for the bishop

New hat

Monday, May 22, 2017

A lot of Miracles This Week! (a must read) - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello everyone,

This week was good. A lot of miracles this week. On Tuesday we got a call from a long time part member family. The member wife said that her husband wants to be baptized. So, we did the interview and everything. He was ready. So on Saturday we started to fill the font and make the programs. We got the font halfway and the programs made. On sunday morning when we got to church, the font had drained so there was like a foot of water in it. It was not enough to baptize him. We started to fill it again and then the power went out. So, there was no water. So at the beginning of sacrament, Bishop said the baptism would be pushed to next week. The guy his name is Brother Wisdom. He was determined to be baptized. He started to call water answers. Then him and a member went to try to find a water truck... no luck! Then they went to a factory... no luck there either. Then the police station... nothing there either. Then the fire station... the fire truck was broken. So they headed back. Then it starts to rain... a lot. It was raining so hard. So we got buckets and put them outside and caught as much water as we could. We managed to catch enough to fill the font. He was baptized!! It was really cool. It flooded a lot this week. One of the rivers rose like 20 feet. I think everyone is alright. 

No president interviews yet. The people are pretty funny and the goats. We laugh about the angry people and goats. The Mission Pres is really awesome. He has built a lot of faith and hope and is very optimistic. My favorite scripture is Ether 12: 4. There is a cheesy remix to a hymn that everyone calls the brainwash song, because it says baptize me over and over again. haha  Capture the flag is my favorite pday activity. Ya, I get her letters all the time

Love you all, Elder Davis
River Flooding
Flooding in Linstead
It is beautiful here
my new wood carving i bought
Elder Muschette Getting water for the baptism
GEtting water for the baptism
collecting rain for the baptism
Brother Wisdom and his wife at his baptism
Flooding in Linstead

Monday, May 15, 2017

Weekly Letter & Skype Call News - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello everyone,
This week was good. I talked to the fam. We did a bunch of service this week. Usually we just do two hours a week of service. We are teaching a lady named Tabatha. She is cool and wants to change and be a better person. We are also teaching a young dude named Taj. He is cool and has a rough life. So, we are trying to bring him some hope. We don't have anything too fun planned this week. 
I love you all,
Elder Davis

Skype Call News:
He is not sure where he wants to go to college. Maybe Dixie, Collin is there. He needs Suavecito. He has had one bottle his whole mission. When he gets home the first thing he wants to do is have Rubios nachos and root beer. He has really missed Root beer. The scariest moment on his mission was when there were ghosts in his house. He hasn't been scared of any of the people, just the ghosts. There is a lot of black magic and stuff like that on the island. He always washes the dogs before they bring them in the house or play with them. People eat goat there. They eat goat head soup. Someone made it for him once. After he found a tooth in it, he couldn't eat it anymore. They also eat tripe. It is goat intestine. They fasted one day with an investigator and she made them tripe to break the fast. He did not like the taste of it. He doesn't like tripe. They get offered ganga a lot. They say "yep, we will take it and throw it away for you." Then they leave them alone. He says it happens daily. He may finish out his mission in Linstead. He has president interviews in a week, so he will find out. He lives with the bishop and they have to walk 45 minutes to get to the church.There is a train that goes through Linstead because there is an aluminum factory. It carries the aluminum. The Linstead market is cool. They sell everything there, but it stinks it has a lot of trash. He thinks he will becoming home September 5th. We will get his travel plans hopefully this week. He bought Tyler a hat from a man who was pretty bad off. He asked if he could buy his hat from him and the man said no. So, Brodey pulled out some money and then he took the hat off and gave it to him. 
One of his friends asked him how often he prays. He said when he wakes up, when he eats, when he studies, before and after he talks to people, at night, and with every investigator.... So, he said he prays A lot! 
Sitting in a Sorrel Field

Linstead Cemetery

Linstead Cemetery

Hiding :)

Mother's Day Skype

Elder Davis, Brother Muschette, Elder Shafer

Monday, May 8, 2017

Uprising in Linstead - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello Everyone! 

This week was good. We had two investigators and a less active and her kids to church this week. Things are on the uprising in Linstead. Today we went to Spain Town for DLT. So that was fun. We ate Burger King. Jamaica is great! My comp is cool. It has been raining a lot. There isn't very much milk here. We have a machine at our house where we do laundry. What time works for you to skype? 
The best part of a mission is when you see a family come closer and are blessed by it and by the gospel. 
The hardest part is when people reject the message or spread lies about the church. 
Top 10 Food in Jamaica:
1 stew peas
2 jerk chicken 
3 rice and peas 
4 chicken foot soup 
5 stew chicken 
6 fried chicken 
7 ackee and bacon
8 fried dumpling 
9 curried chicken 
10 boiled dumpling 
My advice to get ready for a mission is to read the Book of Mormon and study it.
I love you all,
bye, Elder Davis

Jah People!!


Three baby parrots
Giving his bike away :(
Linstead Missionaries with Brother Muschette

Elder Davis and Elder Shafer

Monday, May 1, 2017

I wouldn't rather be doing anything else! & Lots of Pictures - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello everyone,
This week was good. we found a bunch of new investigators this week. We found this really cool family. The dad has been searching for the truth, and  he prayed to find the truth. So, that was cool. the general young men's pres talked to us that was cool. They announced that we can't ride bikes anymore. So, that kind of sucks, but there is a purpose for it. Last night we went over to an old recent convert and here grandson's house. They got in a fight. She called him some funny names that I won't repeat. But it was hilarious. Oh ya, and i am going to be with Elder Shafer next transfer. I gave my bike to an old member. I got two packages.  We just have to walk and our area is enormous. It's the whole Caribbean area that is getting rid of bikes. I'm good. I wouldn't rather be doing anything else. I will get a pic of my bike. I haven't given it to him yet. 
This week was good I love you all.
Elder Davis

A Family in the Ward

Crazy mask!

We found these masks in a store in town.

Yep, that is a pig :)

Transformer messenger Bag

Sitting in Church on Sunday

Elder Johansen and Elder Davis

Brother Muschette, Elder Davis, and Elder Johansen

Elder Davis and Sister Richards- Blake