Monday, May 15, 2017

Weekly Letter & Skype Call News - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello everyone,
This week was good. I talked to the fam. We did a bunch of service this week. Usually we just do two hours a week of service. We are teaching a lady named Tabatha. She is cool and wants to change and be a better person. We are also teaching a young dude named Taj. He is cool and has a rough life. So, we are trying to bring him some hope. We don't have anything too fun planned this week. 
I love you all,
Elder Davis

Skype Call News:
He is not sure where he wants to go to college. Maybe Dixie, Collin is there. He needs Suavecito. He has had one bottle his whole mission. When he gets home the first thing he wants to do is have Rubios nachos and root beer. He has really missed Root beer. The scariest moment on his mission was when there were ghosts in his house. He hasn't been scared of any of the people, just the ghosts. There is a lot of black magic and stuff like that on the island. He always washes the dogs before they bring them in the house or play with them. People eat goat there. They eat goat head soup. Someone made it for him once. After he found a tooth in it, he couldn't eat it anymore. They also eat tripe. It is goat intestine. They fasted one day with an investigator and she made them tripe to break the fast. He did not like the taste of it. He doesn't like tripe. They get offered ganga a lot. They say "yep, we will take it and throw it away for you." Then they leave them alone. He says it happens daily. He may finish out his mission in Linstead. He has president interviews in a week, so he will find out. He lives with the bishop and they have to walk 45 minutes to get to the church.There is a train that goes through Linstead because there is an aluminum factory. It carries the aluminum. The Linstead market is cool. They sell everything there, but it stinks it has a lot of trash. He thinks he will becoming home September 5th. We will get his travel plans hopefully this week. He bought Tyler a hat from a man who was pretty bad off. He asked if he could buy his hat from him and the man said no. So, Brodey pulled out some money and then he took the hat off and gave it to him. 
One of his friends asked him how often he prays. He said when he wakes up, when he eats, when he studies, before and after he talks to people, at night, and with every investigator.... So, he said he prays A lot! 
Sitting in a Sorrel Field

Linstead Cemetery

Linstead Cemetery

Hiding :)

Mother's Day Skype

Elder Davis, Brother Muschette, Elder Shafer

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