Monday, May 29, 2017

A kneeling prayer brings the spirit - LInstead, Jamaica

Hello everyone! 

This week was good Brother Wisdom got confirmed. This week was kind of boring just the same old. We have zone conference tomorrow. So that will be fun. At the beginning of my mission I lost weight. I think i am losing weight. IDK if I have grown. Usually a barber cuts my hair. Most of the barbers here don't know how to cut white people hair, but there are a few that do a good job. My teeth are good. If we walk a lot they start to hurt. They have tons of different bag juice flavors. I am going to try to send some. I have a package that I want to send this Monday or next. Most of the stores are just wholesales that Chinese people own or little drug stores. 
A kneeling prayer brings the spirit the strongest. We have filters for our water, and I have a 2 liter that I fill up and keep in the fridge. I made some pumpkin chicken soup the other day. It was good. They call the police the JDF. They just drive around in jeeps looking for cars with guns. They are basically the swat team. 
We are going to play some card games today. We just learn how to be a missionary at zone conference. It is kind of like a training. I'll see President tomorrow. I did get my flight plans. It's exciting, but it is better to just keep working.
I love you everyone,
Elder Davis
Brother Fletcher - one of my favorite people

Our trap to catch the chickens so the mongooses don't get them 

The chickens we caught for the bishop

New hat

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