Monday, May 22, 2017

A lot of Miracles This Week! (a must read) - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello everyone,

This week was good. A lot of miracles this week. On Tuesday we got a call from a long time part member family. The member wife said that her husband wants to be baptized. So, we did the interview and everything. He was ready. So on Saturday we started to fill the font and make the programs. We got the font halfway and the programs made. On sunday morning when we got to church, the font had drained so there was like a foot of water in it. It was not enough to baptize him. We started to fill it again and then the power went out. So, there was no water. So at the beginning of sacrament, Bishop said the baptism would be pushed to next week. The guy his name is Brother Wisdom. He was determined to be baptized. He started to call water answers. Then him and a member went to try to find a water truck... no luck! Then they went to a factory... no luck there either. Then the police station... nothing there either. Then the fire station... the fire truck was broken. So they headed back. Then it starts to rain... a lot. It was raining so hard. So we got buckets and put them outside and caught as much water as we could. We managed to catch enough to fill the font. He was baptized!! It was really cool. It flooded a lot this week. One of the rivers rose like 20 feet. I think everyone is alright. 

No president interviews yet. The people are pretty funny and the goats. We laugh about the angry people and goats. The Mission Pres is really awesome. He has built a lot of faith and hope and is very optimistic. My favorite scripture is Ether 12: 4. There is a cheesy remix to a hymn that everyone calls the brainwash song, because it says baptize me over and over again. haha  Capture the flag is my favorite pday activity. Ya, I get her letters all the time

Love you all, Elder Davis
River Flooding
Flooding in Linstead
It is beautiful here
my new wood carving i bought
Elder Muschette Getting water for the baptism
GEtting water for the baptism
collecting rain for the baptism
Brother Wisdom and his wife at his baptism
Flooding in Linstead

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