Monday, May 8, 2017

Uprising in Linstead - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello Everyone! 

This week was good. We had two investigators and a less active and her kids to church this week. Things are on the uprising in Linstead. Today we went to Spain Town for DLT. So that was fun. We ate Burger King. Jamaica is great! My comp is cool. It has been raining a lot. There isn't very much milk here. We have a machine at our house where we do laundry. What time works for you to skype? 
The best part of a mission is when you see a family come closer and are blessed by it and by the gospel. 
The hardest part is when people reject the message or spread lies about the church. 
Top 10 Food in Jamaica:
1 stew peas
2 jerk chicken 
3 rice and peas 
4 chicken foot soup 
5 stew chicken 
6 fried chicken 
7 ackee and bacon
8 fried dumpling 
9 curried chicken 
10 boiled dumpling 
My advice to get ready for a mission is to read the Book of Mormon and study it.
I love you all,
bye, Elder Davis

Jah People!!


Three baby parrots
Giving his bike away :(
Linstead Missionaries with Brother Muschette

Elder Davis and Elder Shafer

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