Monday, November 21, 2016

First Week in Linstead, Jamaica

Hello Everyone,
Lindstead is nice lots of trees and fruit and plants. the people are pretty nice. my comp is good. I'm his mom. haha. He is pretty new on the mission. There is zone meeting this week, so i should get mail there. Linstead is just a small town and there are lots of trees. The members seem nice. It is better then Spain Town

I'm good. There are a few investigators. T
here is one guy we met he was like a gangster, but he is pretty interested. It's been good.

My companion is from South Jordan. What part of South Jordan do Aaron and Angie live? We are going to shop today and do the usual thing. Linstead is better, it is not depressing. 
 There are 6 elders in town, but in different houses. 
Elder Davis
I had to throw up Austin's gang sign.

Keisha our neighbor in Spain Town

Our house in Linstead. No hot water!

Jerk Chicken

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