Monday, November 14, 2016

I Am Finally Getting Transferred!!

Hello everyone, 
This week was good. I am getting transferred to Linstead with Elder Moys. I am going to be a mom. haha. I am his second companion. It should be good. I have heard good things about Linstead. I'll leave this place tomorrow morning. I am ready to leave. haha Next transfer should be better. Other than that nothing too exciting. Our investigators all fell through so, ya. That was awkward. I'll be out of here soon.
I have to go. I love you bye,
Elder Davis

My neighbor has been copying all the recipes. She has the Ashton Ward cookbook. The transfer should be good, something new!

I met my companion a few times. He seems cool, just really green. I heard the members feed missionaries a lot in Linstead.

I am just excited. No mail this week. My companion is from Utah :/. He seems chill, though.
The Harrison Family

The Moodies -  The lady in the purple is the the one you text every Sunday and sends you pictures of dinner. 

Dinner with the Moodies

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