Monday, December 12, 2016

Coconuts, Brownies, and "Floured" in Linstead, Jamaica

Hey Everybody,
I know elder Gibbons. He is pretty cool. That is hilarious, small world. This week was good. My birthday was good. Just the same old thing, but we did get a bunch of coconuts. So, that was good. We made the brownies you sent. Elder Moyes got sick on Saturday and a little on Sunday, but he is better now. Shawn didn't make it to church which was sad, but we will see what happened. We had Stake Conference. It was fun, we saw some of the old members. So, that was fun. It is weird to be 20 now. That is how my week went. 
I love you all,
Elder Davis

The birthday package was great. The shirt is awesome. The brownies are so good. I got the Cowboys tie. 

Last week the internet shut off, so I couldn't email everyone

Our skype call will be after 10am, our time on Christmas. We are not for sure yet.

Today we are doing the same old thing. Next p-day we are having a yankie swap gift exchange. I bought a poster with fluffly bunnies on it. It should be fun.

Stake Conference with Patrick from Portmore

Stake Conference with Julie from Spanish Town

One of the church members, Brother Muschette, "Floured" him for his birthday!

He is collecting American memorabilia in Jamaica. Obama Perfume??? 

Stake Conference Jamaica - These elders came to Jamaica together 15 months ago.

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