Monday, February 15, 2016

Trying to speak Patwa - Negril, Jamaica

It has been good Elder Johnson is pretty cool. I got my new bike today. George really wants to get baptized in a river, so we are looking for one. He found his cat. haha. There aren't a lot of mosquitoes were we live which is good. We found a really cool investigator. He will probably be the next branch president. It does seem like a long time since I left. It has been good. I am just super tired. Negril is getting old. I will probably leave at the end of this transfer. Orlando came to church and so did a couple of less active members. Church was good. Brother Inis is still insane. It is sad to seem him in his crazy state. I can understand most people. I am trying to speak it, but the Jamaicans just laugh. haha
Elder Davis

I am going to take some of the good parts off of my old bike and switch them out the try to sell it or something.

Elder Johnson likes to clean on pdays, but i think i convinced him to go to some cliffs by the ocean and explore.

Jerk Chicken with Brother Henry

Cliffs of Negril, Jamaica

Overlooking the city of Negril and the Coast

My new bike is the black one. The forks are on backwards, but I will fix that.
Brother Henry and Elder Graham eating Jerk Chicken. 

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