Monday, February 22, 2016

Epic Beard - Negril, Jamaica

Hello everyone!
This week was kind of slow. Everyone fell through. There was a lot of walking. We went to Brother Morris' house, and he showed us his beard that he keeps in a bag. He has kept since 1982. haha  He is so funny. I ,also, made curried chicken for the first time. It was so good. The bike is running well. We had zone conference on Friday. There was nothing to exciting. No packages, just a letter. IDK were all of the the Negril mail goes. I think it is in the office in Kingston. Over all a pretty good week. 
I love you all
Elder Davis
How are you doing and how is the weather?
I am doing good. weather is the same. hot and humid. we have to stay inside Thursday because it is election day and people get shot. It is pretty crazy

Do you have enough money and do you like getting our pictures?
I am good. I always have extra at the end of the month. I like getting pictures.

How are you really doing, mentally, spiritually, and physically?
I am good. Growing in all the above.

Any interesting animals?
There are hermit crabs all over the place. People use them for fish bait.

He was also impressed with his dad's (Tyler's beard). He said he could be on Duck Dynasty. haha

Made my own Chicken Curry
Sour Sop Fruit
Brother Morris' Beard

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