Monday, February 1, 2016

There are a lot of crazy people in Negril!

Hello Everyone! 
It has been a good but long week. Elder Johnson got here, but his bike was a couple days late so we walked a lot. Sunday was crazy. Wade,one of the members, has gone completely mad. He came to church late and was dressed kind of like Jesus. He had a big bowie knife that he called his sword. He is completely off his rocker. There are a lot of crazy people in Negril. George is doing good. He found his cat. He hopped down to church one day. That was awesome. Another guy said he was going to go into the bush and read all of the Book of Mormon. He won't come back until he reads all of it. haha That will be cool if he does it. We are both exhausted from walking and biking so much. haha. I got the pokemon card package (haha) and a couple letters. 
Over all a good week,
Elder Davis

Orlando had a gunman on his street on sunday so it was locked down. He couldn't come to church. 

Wild Hermit Crab

Baracuda Head

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  1. I was excited to see that he has an ironing board. Lol :)