Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 12 - It has been a slow week

This week was kind of slow. The baptism got canceled. There was a marathon on the road between where he lives and where we were going to do the baptism. It felt like our whole week fell through. We did a lot of finding. The few lessons we did have were really good. We have found and taught 4 new investigators and they seem really interested. Theo (one of the people we taught) is really interested in the Book of Mormon. We are going to give him one next time we visit him. He is so cool. Last night i roasted my first breadfruit and then fried it. It was so good. I need more breadfruit. haha. I have eaten at burger king. and we live pretty close to Ricks Cafe. Pres brown banned it. I think there are a lot of drugs there, but I'm not sure. George and Demetry are scheduled to be baptized on December 19th. and I decorated the apartment. and am doing the Lego calendar. I love you all!

Thanks for all the emails and support..

Elder Davis

No mail yet. we have zone meeting on wednesday, so i might get some then.

I think we lost George's little kitten. We went to see him one day, but he wasn't there. When we left the cat followed us.

They flour every one for their birthday, so that will be interesting.

For Christmas, I think they just drink a lot and party. Like all month long. Their favorite christmas drink is called Soral.

They are called honey banas because they are so sweet.  (love the shirt)

Roasting Bread Fruit Step 1

Roasting Bread Fruit Step 2

Peeling the Bread Fruit
Roasted and Fried Bread Fruit is sooo good!

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