Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 11 - Bike Problems

It has been a good week. Apart from bike problems. Orlando came to church and is going to be baptized on Saturday. He is super excited and so are we. He is 18, so he could be a missionary soon. Which would be awesome. His little brother and little sister both want to be baptized. So we are going to help them as much as possible. We were teaching his dad, but his dad said that he was going back to his first church. but we are hoping that Orlando's baptism will help him. George is another guy that we have on date for next week. He came to church also. We are working with him and teaching him how to read. But he has prayed to ask if the book of Mormon is true, and he said that he got an answer that it was. He is so awesome. There is also Demetry that is going to be baptized a little while after George. They were all at church and had a really good time. I also had my first jerk pork this week and roasted breadfruit. It was sooooo good. Over all, a good week.

Elder Davis

No mail this week. My bike is stupid. we got it fixed and then last night the pedal fell off. I don't think the guy did a very good job.

Guess what i had for thanksgiving dinner?

I had turkey neck for thanksgiving. One of the members made it. Ya it is its pretty weird. It was alright. It just a lot of bone and not a lot of meat.

Every Thursday we eat at Sis Apoku's house. I might start using the home card for a couple of new parts

Orlando was at church. He is getting baptized on Saturday!

Transfers are December 16th. My comp has been in negril for a long time so he will be leaving. I get a new companion for Christmas. He will be considered my mom, and my trainer is my dad. haha weird huh

Right now we ran into one of the members that knows how to fix bikes. he took my bike and i have his today!!

Turkey neck for Thanksgiving

This sign was at the place were i got my bike fixed.

Negril Cemetery

Negril Cemetery

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