Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 10 - "If you ask God, he will just tell you."

This week was an interesting week. I went on two trade offs. The first one was with Elder Fowkes and the other was with Elder Bischoff. Both went really well. It was good seeing different ways to teach. They were both great. I got along with both of them. We have been working with Demetry and are trying to get him off of his addiction to alcohol. He really wants to be baptized. He is so close. His drinking is just holding him back. We are also working with a guy named Orlando. He was on date for the 28, but he missed church. He will probably be baptized next week. He is super excited to be baptized and so am I. George is also someone that we are working with to be baptized. The thing with him is that he can't read but we are going to start a reading class for him and some others. But he does know that the book of Mormon is true, even without reading it. He said " if you ask god he will just tell you". Haha, he is great we need more people like George! Over all a good week. We do have machines for laundry, just no dryer. Our church is in an upstairs apartment building, but there are still three classes. 

I love you all.
Have fun in america,
Elder Davis

Do you get enough mail? I get the most mail out of like anyone. Haha it is awesome!

What are you doing for Thanksgiving? I'm not sure i think we will buy a chicken and cook it in the crock pot.

Elder Davis and President Brown
Elder Davis and Elder Fowkes
Our Chapel in Negril, Jamaica 
 Patty and Cocoa Bread
First Jamaican Fish, King Fish.  It tasted like chicken
Patty and Cocoa Bread...soooo good!

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