Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 7 - First transfers/ New Apartment

Hello every one,
Things are going really good. this sunday we got 2 of our investigators to come to church. one of them bore an awesome testimony. it was awesome. I haven't eaten anything to interesting, just a jelly (young coconut). Nothing really happened with transfers we are staying the same,  but we move into the new house sometime next week. zone meeting was good I didn't see anyone from the mtc. The guy that bore his testimony is another guy that said he would get baptized and agreed to work towards the date of november 29. He has a drinking problem but really wants to quit.
 i love you all

things are pretty good. no bottles this week haha. we met another guy that is an alcoholic and wants to quit. he came to church this sunday and bore his testimony. it was awesome. you need to send me a shirt like the one you had for halloween

We will baptize them in the ocean. 

We will most likely be here just one more transfer then he will probaly leave. and then i will lead the area. The new apartment is really nice. We just bring our beds from the old apartment and the appliances are coming from somewhere in kingston. 

Ya, its hard the first two weeks and in the MTC so  I emailed Gage.

ya the other elders are nice. We are going to play basketball today with them.

I would rather have the packages than money because i need a taste of america.

I eat rice when i eat at home. pattys sometimes and chicken. on thursdays we eat at a members house. one gave us fried chicken. and it just depends usually rice or noodles.

haha ya. I think i have lost quite a bit of weight i was like 150 when i came out, but there is no scale here to weigh myself. My second companion in the mtc was from Edmonton canada and knew elder bateman and he knew Duke.

I have to go now. My bike is ok. I just need new brakes. i love you tell everyone i said hi

Sitting at the library... Emailing home :)
With Elder Aguirre

Elder Fowkes and his companion emailing home :)

We caught a lizard on our front porch. 

I found this in a pocket in my

idk if the video will work but it should be a video of a crab that we caught.
 I am trying to get it to work and I will post it later 

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