Monday, November 9, 2015

I've been out for two months - Moving Day!

Hello everyone
I am moving to my new apartment today. We are just waiting for the elders with the truck to come. This week has been pretty good. Last pday i ate rice and peas. Its like Jamaica's favorite food. It is really rice and beans with fried chicken. It was really good. We did a service project also. We helped out a school and laid some turf out. I also bought a machete. hehe. I used it at the service project. Nothing else too interesting. I picked a wild banana, waited for it to turn yellow, and i ate it. Jamaican bananas are soooo goood. That is about how my week went. I also finished reading the Book of Mosiah in the book of Mormon. That is a little taste of what I do. Pretty dang exciting, huh!

I got the cooking package and the Halloween one and the other one. Our investigator is doing really good he has almost stopped drinking completely, and he came to church this 

This is basically our branch. There are a couple of people on the left side that aren't in our branch. The guy in the middle is the ward mission leader. He is hilarious. The guy in the striped tank top is the one we are helping to stop smoking.  Service project laying sod at the school :)

Fighting Rooster

My machete...

Missionary Stuff

Rice and Beans

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