Monday, January 18, 2016

Lots of Investigators! Week 13 - Negril, Jamaica

Hello everyone! 
It was a good week. George's foot got a jack hammer all the way through it. We have been able to see him a lot, and he really wants to get baptized. We are just waiting on his foot to heal. Wendy is also doing really good. He has got some work, and hopefully we found him a permanent job. He said once he gets a job then he will get baptized. He told his mom he wants to get baptized. He missed church, because he had work. We are teaching another guy who said that he prayed about the Book of Mormon and he knows it is true. He just needs to get married because he is living with his girlfriend. I went on trade offs with Elder Riding on Wednesday. It was good. He is a lot like me. He also played football in Idaho the same year I did. We talked about Star Wars and super heroes all day. haha. My bike is breaking down again. We get transfer calls on Saturday. If i get transferred, I think I am just going to get a new bike. We think our area might get white washed. Over all pretty good week.
I love you all,
Elder Davis

If I get transferred, It will be cool to see a new area, but I kind of want to stay and help the people we have here. I am fine either way.

The jackhammer went in the top of George's foot and came out the side. (yikes)

Yes, they play cricket and football and lots of soccer here. I have played cricket here.

 I am sleeping fine.

We are going to Savanna la mar today, and we are going to hang out with the other Elders.

 This is what I eat for dinner most of the time. (rice and peas)
I was spying on boats again 

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