Monday, January 16, 2017

Strangest Things About Jamaica - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello everyone, It's me! 
This week was pretty good. We had an area broadcast. We had some general authorities that spoke to us over satellite. Shawn didn't make it to church, neither did Dalia. But Jay, an investigator that is 16, just needs his dads permission to be baptized. He is on date for February. His dad said he is waiting for his grades. He gets them this month, so hopefully they are good. 
At church a kid got baptized, he was scared of the water. So, it took like 12 years to get him dunked. After the baptism there was a kid that came up to us. He is 9. We thought he was a member, but he asked if he could get baptized. We are going to work with him and get it done in 2 weeks.
There is another lady that came to church, and she also wants to get baptized. S
he also could get there in a couple of weeks. 
The strangest things about Jamaica... 
1 people 
2 food 
3 public transportation 
4 stores 
5 language 
6 roads 
7 the island is small 
8 police 
9 10 and 1 people. 
The kids wear uniforms. Nothing on the island is official like there isn't paper work. You can just build a house where ever. its disorganized. I like how it is relaxed... to a point. Not really, I guess I got use to it.
Love you all,
Elder Davis

Me and ISIS
This elder loves animals :)

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