Monday, January 9, 2017

Don't Let Satan Win - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello everyone! It's me again. 
This week was awesome. We saw Dalia and asked here to be baptized. She said that she was baptized already in a different church, but needs to be baptized into the true church. Then she gave us Akee and bread fruit. She is awesome. Then we also saw shawn he had a bottle of beer. We read to him out of the Book of Mormon. Then told him that God didn't want him to drink. He was debating it in his head then asked. If i drink it who wins? We said satan does. Then he said, who loses? We told him that he would. Then he bit the cap off the bottle and dumped it out. It was awesome! 
On an average day we wake up at 6:30 then get dressed. We study from 8 to 10am. Then we go out and talk to people. If we have lessons, we will go and teach the people. If not, we go around and invite people to be baptized. Then we will have an hour for lunch, then the same after lunch. Usually we eat at home. Sometimes we will get some sort of chicken. usually fried. We made fried chicken the other day it was so good. We go to bed at 10 30. We have to be in at 9. 
That was my week.
I love you everyone,
Elder Davis

- Elly sent the picture of the ties. The orange one is super cool, and the grey one with the flowers. The blue and red paisley is awesome. Send me those. 

- Here is one picture. I should be able to get a camera this week.
It is beautiful here.

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