Monday, January 30, 2017

One Liners from Jamaicans - Linstead, Jamaica

This week was awesome! Akeem got baptized, and we should have another in 2 weeks. Things in Linstead are great. We also played football (soccer) today. That was fun! here are some one liners from jamaicans:
 " ya mon"
 "bless up" 
" me soon come"
" wagwon" 
"wa ya daypon" 
" yo white boyi" 
haha That is a few of them. I might get a new comp next transfer(Saturday). The baptism was good. Except after Akeem got dunked, there was a mad man( crazy man) that started clapping and being loud, but then he left. So, that was exciting. haha
Love you all, 
Elder Davis

I got the package. It was awesome. I made the potatoes yesterday. The customs poked a hole in all of the things, except the shoes. They are little too big.

The markers and the mints were ok. There is a hole in Austin's paper. It is like they poked the package with a screwdriver or something.

We are going to make pizza this week.

Akeem's Baptism

Football (soccer) with the Zone! 

Puppies back in Spain Town

My new shoes

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