Tuesday, October 20, 2015

People are different...Week 5

Today is pday it was hero day yesterday so they switched it to Tuesday this week. I am doing better still trying to adjust. The people are interesting. The rastas are so weird. One of them said he was Jesus and another one said he was God... idk. We are teaching some people that are really interested. Still no hot showers. There was one night when we didn't know were to go so we prayed about it. Then felt like we should go a certain way, and we ran into one of the guys we are teaching. He is super interested and said he would get baptized! 
I love you all.
Enjoy america without me. haha
Elder Davis

I was able to message Brodey and he also said:
-I feel a little bit more adjusted but the biking sucks

-I got a full soda bottle thrown at my head while i was riding my bike, and people constantly yell at us.Ii try to ignore them and focus on the good people.

 -I tried chicken feet soup and almost threw up. Luckily some guy gave be a bag and said to put what ever i didn't want in it. So that was good.

-The teenagers will pretend to jump out in front of us and stuff like that and little kids threw rocks at some other elders a couple of nights ago.

-I bought a package of hot dogs and some noodles and some beef i just find what ever i can.

-All of the rasta guys are insane... They are drunk and high almost all the time and they have some strange beliefs.

-The members are really cool. There are a couple of really old guys that are really funny. They do this little had shake where they pretend like they take your thumb and it is really weird
-I gave a talk the first two weeks, and we do teach every Sunday.

-The best part is seeing cool places and going to church and taking to the crazies.

-The worst part is biking and waking up early.

 -I am in Jacob 2. I read in the morning and at night. the mission pres wants us to read 6 pages a day in order to read it in 100 days.

Our Apartment

We get a lot of rain.

My companion

It is beautiful here.

The beach we ride by everyday.

The biggest frog I have ever seen.

Vegas baby!

my awesome bike :(

Crystal clear ocean

Someone threw this at my head while I was biking.

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