Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Letter from the Mission President - Oct 7th


Jamaica Kingston Mission
4 Garelli Avenue
Kingston 10

O7 Oct 2015
Tyler and Jill Davis
1037 White Willow Ct 
Henderson, NV 89002

Dear Brother and Sister Davis,

We are happy to let you know your son arrived safely in Kingston, Jamaica.  He is in good spirits and arrived anxious to become involved in the great work being done here.  When he arrived Sister Brown and the Assistants met him at the airport and took him to breakfast.  The Assistants then brought him to the mission office and helped him with banking and immigration matters and then provided training and orientation. 

He was then driven to Negril to meet his trainer, Elder Aguirre.where they will began the work he came here to do.  Your son will be serving in the Negril Branch.  As parents we can appreciate your concern for him and his welfare and felt you would like to know he is safe and doing fine.  

We want to thank you for raising such a fine son and for your support for him while he is here.  Your support for the next few weeks while he may experience some homesickness will be very important.  The work is really beginning to blossom here in Jamaica and the people are warm and friendly.  We are confident he will have a special experience.  We can assure you we will do everything we can to help him grow and develop and are confident his testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ will increase.  Through his mission experiences he will draw closer to our Savior.  We are so grateful to have him here.

 Kevin G. BrownSister Nadine Brown
Jamaica Kingston Mission

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