Monday, October 12, 2015

Negril, Jamaica - Week 4

Hello everyone!
 i am finally in Jamaica. My area is Negril. It is way different than anything I had expected. People speak very differently here. They call it Patwa. I can't understand 80 percent of the people. The people just live in little shacks. There were these little kids we met the other day that were playing with broken bikes. They had more fun with the broken bikes than kids back home do with non broken bikes. The water in crystal clear. The ward was super small. There were 15 people there including the mission pres and 2 visitors and 4 elders. It was very different. We don't have hot water just cold. Cold showers, yay! I am doing pretty good just feeling a little home sick. There are goats and wild dogs everywhere. I love you guys! 
Elder Davis

I was able to message Brodey for a little while. 
He also said:
-Some people are nice, but a lot of them think we are cia or fbi. Idk i try to roll with it sometimes haha. I got a bike but the chain keeps messing up so we we are going to try to fix it today. There is 4 the apartment isn’t to bad except for the cold showers

-I sleep on a bed just in a big room with 3 other beds in it. My belt is getting wet and putting a black stripe on them. I am trying to find another belt and a shoe shining kit

-Please send drink mix and snacks

-i went grocery shopping we mostly eat at home. The food is pretty good.

-It is beautiful here. It is jungle in a lot of places, and the water is crystal clear

-Everyday we try to teach the less active members and some investigators. then we go -finding. kind of like tracting

-If someone says something that sounds like wagwon it means what is going on it is really hard to understand people

-I know what marijuana smells like. At night everyone is smoking

-There are little lizards running all over the place

-There are big crabs everywhere but I’ve only seen dead one. i think they come out at night

-yup pretty much we are spoiled in America. It is crazy how people live down here

-Whenever it rains we make brownies and cinnamon rolls

-It rains like twice a week it depends if we are close to home we will go inside, if not we just get soaked,

-my companion is awesome he cooks every meal. I'm alright its just so different here

-He emails from the library every week. 

-they drive on the wrong side of the road and the steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car. and tons of motorcycles and mopeds

-Everywhere is poor and run down

-the shoes people wear are terrible

Investigator house
We taught investigators here.
This picture made me cry.
Members fed us this. It was pretty good.


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    1. What was the hardest thing for you when you were there? Does it look like Trinidad?

  2. Culture shock! :) He sounds great. I'm glad he likes his companion. Brodey will be such a blessing to the people there.

    1. Yes, we are very spoiled here he says.

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