Monday, March 13, 2017

I just want to do all the good I can, in the next 6 months! - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello everyone!
This week was pretty fun. One of the days this week we went on the road, and then we saw this little kid that had a bloody foot. He had cut it on something and was trying to walk to his house with his friends. He couldn't walk good, so we took turns carrying him home. Today we went to Spain Town and played football and watched a movie called the best two years. So, that was fun. There is a funny Rastaman that lives in our area. He always calls us his bonafide generals. haha We think he is Master Chief because his name is John. (nerds will know why). So it has been fun. Linstead is awesome. I think I will stay I might get a new comp, but we are not sure. Yes, I still use the transformer bag. We are working on getting new investigators. My comp is good. I just want to do all the good I can in the next 6 months. 
10 things I have learned about living with someone new: 
1 Be humble
2 Sometimes I just have to get over myself if someone is weird
3 Laughter is good 
4 Don't let someone change who you are; unless it is for the better
I cant think of anything else, but humility is big!!
I love you all,
Elder Davis
John (master Chief)
Burned his pants for his 18 month mark!
Dogs are everywhere!

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