Monday, March 6, 2017

So, Ya That Happened - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello everyone,
This week was good. We helped an old lady paint. After we left, she fell off a barrel that she was standing on. She called us and was in the hospital, but i think she is ok. So, ya that happened. I got a new set of scriptures. We have been playing Pokemon with the card that you sent. So that is fun. No investigators for us came this week. We are just trying to find new ones.
The 4 biggest churches here are Apostalic churches, Seventh Day Adventist, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Rastas. Rastas don't even know what they believe. They just smoke tons of weed. In a couple of the big towns there are movie theatres, but mostly just bootleg movies sold on the side of the road. 
They listen to music called dance hall. They remix American music and add air horn and car sirens in the songs.
Church is pretty much the same just not as many people, and there are always arguments in Elder's quorum. There are churches called Pokomania churches, and they do stuff like the lady does in Pirates of the Caribbean. They call it black magic. obia. 
No mail this week. I am good. Don't send too many more packages. I've only got 6 months left. Hopefully i will get mail this week.
That was this week.
Love you all, 
Elder Davis


A woman in our ward made me a scripture case. 

The other side :)

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