Monday, March 14, 2016

First PDay in Portmore, Jamaica

AHello everyone,
It has been a good but long week. The bus ride to Portmore was alright. They played the movie Journey to the Mysterious Island. haha My new comp is good. He taught me how to play Magic the Gathering. It is kind of like Pokemon. I was able to see some of the elders from the MTC on Thursday because the church historian came and talked to us and awnsered a bunch of questions on church history. They are doing a whole bunch of new stuff at the church history museum. They have a 260 degree movie that you can watch on the first vision and whole bunch of other cool stuff. The new house is nice just no hot water.The members are great! We got fed twice on Sunday. I thought I was going to explode. The bishop plays basketball with us in the mornings, so that is fun. I got Angie's package. There was lots of good stuff in it. There are a couple of packages in Montego Bay, because they thought I was still in Sav. I should get them soon. It was pretty good this week. 
I love you all,
Elder Davis

I went back to the bus park in Negril, and then left. The ward has about 130 people every week.

We have a baptism on Sunday, and one hopefully next week also. There are a bunch of others also.

The bike is good. I put the star wars sticker that you sent around Christmas on it. There is a font at our church building.

Yes, i saw Elly's hair. The town is a lot bigger and a lot nicer houses. It is 15 min away from Kingston

I live in a four man house. There are sisters in the area, also. 

The other elders are Elder Poe and Elder Davidsen.

The ocean is close, but it is nothing special.  I have enough money. Everything is holding up.

The best part of this area is probably the members. Negril was awesome! The water was as clear as a swimming pool, no joke.

Riding the bus from Negril to Portmore, Jamaica

I found a VW bus.

One of the members went out with us. This lady grabbed his tie, and she wouldn't let go. 

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