Monday, March 21, 2016

Lots of Crazy Animals and A Baptism! - Portmore, Jamaica

Hello everyone!
It has been a good week. It is getting a little hotter. We had a baptism yesterday. That was cool. We are working with a guy named Daryl to overcome smoking. He should get baptized next week. There are also two brothers that we are teaching They should get baptized soon. One of them is 13 his name is Akeem and his brother is 9 his name is DJ. They are way cool. I am trying to get the other elders to go fishing or crocodile hunting on a pday. There are crocodiles here. I haven't seen one yet. Over all a really good week. I got a package with the green socks and the circus animal crackers. YES!!! 
I love you all
Elder Davis

I am good. The members are super cool. 

The members don't feed us anything too crazy.  It is mostly chicken. The best thing I ate this week was ox tail. It was good. It just tasted like beef.

Negril and Savanna La Mar were super small and spread out. Portmore is very residential and has less bush. 

There are a lot of messed up animals. 

Brodey taught the girl. Baptism day :)
Someone burnt this cat's leg off. He said it smelt horrible. Sad!
Ugliest Park Ever

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