Monday, October 24, 2016

A lot of rain and Shepherd's Pie!

Hello Everyone It's me!
This week was shorter than last. Still no one solid to teach, but we are still trying. We still haven't found a place to rent yet. Hopefully soon! Elder Eulette snores'-'! So, that has been difficult, but oh well. I only have two more weeks here
It has been raining a lot. The rivers are high and we had a landslide yesterday. No mail this week.  Everyday when we come in for lunch, it usually starts raining. We have dinner with Julie's family every Sunday. Julie and her sister and their dad live together. Their dad had a stroke so he cant say much. She has an adopted son named Nicko. They are pretty nice.  I haven't seen stuffing. I found potatoes, but they are expensive. They don't have root beer, here. I tried to send a package last week, but they wouldn't send it. I'm going to get another one together. On Pdays, the elders all hang out at the church. The food here is pretty nice.  
I have to go, 
Elder Davis

I made sheperds pie the other day. it was awesome

The dogs
The Wall Next To My Desk

Some Trees and the River

Some Trees and the River

Tink Tink

Dinner with Julie's family

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