Monday, October 10, 2016

But So It Goes.... Spanish Town 13 months

Hello Everyone,
Just another week in spain town. It's been exhausting. Elder Eulett is weird, but so it goes. I'm just having fun when i can. He is quiet and awkward. apparently he use to be in a gang so he has some crazy stories. He is from montego bay. He likes to draw, but he draws weird stuff. We got puppies for the yard. They are pretty funny. They are always fighting each other. One is rex and the other is spud. haha Nothing to exciting happened this week. Everything here is good, just boring. Today I'm going to hang out at the church with the other elders, Elder Evans, Elder Lewis, and Porter Herschi.
I have your package packaged up. I just have to tow it on my bike into town. Candy and treats are probably the best thing to send me. chocolate is good. They don't have reeses or starburst here. I probably wont get transferred off the island, because you have to sign papers to go off island. They haven't had me sign anything.
Love you All,
Elder Davis

Serving others!

One year mark!




This nest is the size of a golf ball.

Eating Well!

Our Yard dog

Our yard dog



Scorpion I found in my pants

Spanish Town

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