Monday, February 20, 2017

God Works In Mysterious Ways - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello Everyone!
This week was great! We have been finding a lot. Two of the investigators in my old area got baptized. One of them wanted me to baptize her. So that was cool. In the new area, we are just finding new investigators. On Thursday at like 7 o'clock our appointments fell through. KFC is far away, but we wanted to go to KFC so we did. We ordered, then there was one of the workers there that had prayed for help. She was a member. She asked us for a blessing. So that was cool. God works in mysterious ways. Then there was a shop next to KFC. Elder Joe found the new Pokemon game and bought it. haha He sent it to his brother. The ward is good. There are young men and women, but they don't have mutual. Instead they try to do something called Friday night activity, but no one comes out. We live with the bishop. So we will go eat and hang with the other elders then go home and clean the house. Kingston probably has the most hotels. I think I will be in this area for a while. That is how this week went.
Love you all, 
Elder Davis

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