Monday, February 13, 2017

Viewer Discretion is Advised - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello Everyone, 
This week was great! There was a baptism in my area, but i didn't know the person. The first day we got a bunch of free food and drinks. Then on day two we witnessed the miracle of life haha. We saw a goat giving birth. We video taped it. viewer discretion is advised, haha. My comp is pretty cool. He is from Salt Lake City,Utah, but he's chill. 
The water here is clean, i think. Idk if i'm just use to it or what, but it seems clean. There are trash men. They just drive down the road and grab all the trash. I do not want to live here, I would much rather live in the U.S. Our area is pretty big. It goes from Linstead to Ocho Rios. I sleep pretty good. There are some roosters that wake me up. I might kill them, haha. Teaching is good. We are finding lots of cool people. That is how this week went.
Love you all, 
Elder Davis

I caught a goat!
We met this kid and he had the weirdest shaped head. 

Finally, grape soda. :)

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