Monday, April 3, 2017

Scary Experience - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello everyone,
This week was good. Conference was great. I learned a lot. It doesn't rain too much. Brother Muschette is cool. No new investigators, just weird people. But we are not giving up. We are going to work with the part member families. There are game shops here where people can come and play video games. A lot of people watch the Flash. There are colleges here, but idk how they work. On Sunday there are usually about 120 people there at the end of sacrament meeting. We usually just leave our bikes in the church. My bag is still swaggin. haha I got the package with Elly's tie. I am going to keep the shoes you sent nice for Sayre's mission. Priesthood session was awesome! I want to tell everyone of an adventure we had last night. Our house is far away. and the other missionaries got taken out of the area closer to town. So, we decided to go and sleep over at their house. It was a pretty normal night. I had a weird dream about ghosts. Then the power went out. My mind immediately linked the power outage with ghosts. I just thought I was freaking my self out so i tried to go back to sleep. I kept hearing noises of things moving. Then like 2 min later my comp says. "Lets dedicate the house". I didn't even know he was awake. It is like 3 o'clock at his point. He said he had heard breathing, and we were both feeling uneasy. We said the prayer over the house. Then we sat there for a little while. we both had the idea to go back to our house. So we did. As soon as we got in our house, it felt better. It was a crazy experience. Just another adventure in Jamaica. 
I love you all, stay safe everyone!
Elder Davis

Watching General Conference

Cool lizard

Seriously Goats Everywhere

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